Hybrid Mail. From upload to doormat, the complete solution.

Velopost - Fossil Fuel Free Post

Docmail. The UK's leading hybrid mail service

Docmail has grown to become an important part of our business and is now one of the UK's largest hybrid mail services. Hybrid mail is postal output that CFH Docmail prints and mails on our customers' behalf, but is initiated by the customer via their PC on demand. It can be thought of as something between simple email, that lives on the computer unless individual recipients decide to print it out, and physical post which arrives daily through a letter box

Advantages for customers

  • Savings through reduced man hours phyically putting together a mail shot
  • Savings on buying in print separately or consumables for in-house printing
  • Precise online control of all aspects of current and past mailings
  • On-demand service means no need to hold quantities of stock
  • Account or pay-as-you-go options
  • Full data security to internationally recognised standards

To find out more, visit our Docmail website.


Docmail Local Post. Eco-friendly city mail delivery

Although Docmail uses Royal Mail for final mile delivery of most letters, we and our customers are also very interested in green alternatives where possible, which is why we have set up Docmail Local Post.

Currently undergoing trials in specially selected city areas, Docmail Local Post uses regional depots and delivers mail by bicycle. Even in larger city centres, this is extremely practical and doesn't contribute to traffic congestion or atmospheric pollution.

More about this exciting service soon! In the meantime, you can express your interest by going over to our Velopost site and filling in the quick form.

Velopost - Fossil Fuel Free Post

Docmail Postcards for iPhone

Among some of the exciting extensions of the Docmail brand has been the development of Docmail Postcards for iPhone. This useful free App enables you to take a photo on your iPhone anywhere in the world and turn it instantly into a physical postcard, printed and mailed by CFH Docmail in the UK. Good for consumers, but has many practical business uses too.


Docmail LocalPost - Bicycle postal deliveries

Dave Broadway in The Huffington post

How CFH Docmail's Postal services are working for us

Effective mailing to hotel customers sees sales jump by 50 per cent!

Federation of Small Businesses member Martin Torrens, runs the Virginia Court Hotel in Norfolk, confirms effective mailing to hotel customers see sales jump by 50%. "It was one of those long-winded, tedious tasks which we just thought we had to do," says Martin. "It took us about four days in total, spread over the course of the best part of a year - writing and printing the letters and labels, stuffing the envelopes, stamping them and so on.

"Now we can do in less than a day something which was taking months to get sorted, FSB Print & Mail told us when the letters would go out, so we could prepare for receiving phone calls and they came almost immediately. It's very effective indeed and it means that staff can focus on their main jobs, rather than having to spend time on stuffing envelopes. FSB Print & Mail is high quality, looks really professional and the mailings can be personalised specific to each customer, which is great. So it's definitely something which we will be using more regularly."

CFH Docmail provides the FSB Print and Mail service to FSB members, and is a service that is being rapidly taken up FSB members throughout the UK.

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