Benefit notification

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CFH Docmail offer Local Government the full range of printing and related services - joined up, connected solutions to keep your bills down without compromising efficiency and reliability.

Best of all, we do everything in-house, so there are no out-sourcing issues or delays.

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About Benefit Notification

CFH Docmail offer local Government the full range of printed and document management related services.

Our key aim is to streamline and improve the processes used to produce and handle documents in order to eliminate waste and consequently minimise costs.

Our core strength is in the ability of our IT department to design and build online production solutions to fully accommodate the needs of our customers.

Case Study: Large London Council

We print benefit notifications for a large London Council.

The letters are streamed and enclosed into different size envelopes which enable us to offer them the best postage prices.

Following the production of each letter file, a pdf of the complete file is left on the council's server for them to collect. This PDF is then uploaded onto their own system ensuring that it keeps up to date with production.

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