CFH Docmail Specialist Services

CFH Docmail are far more than just printers.

We are able add on a range of extra services to enhance either the printed matter itself or the way it is handled, from high degrees of personalisation right through to full a postal service at unbeatable discount rates!

By saving you organisational time and infrastructure overheads we can greatly improve your bottom line.

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About Cheques

CFH Docmail manufacture corporate cheque books and manages end-to-end cheque payment processes. We also produce customer cheque books for leading UK banks.

Our exclusive Topcheque product range adheres to strict APACS standards for security printing and personalisation.

This product is just one of a range of advanced products and services offered by CFH Docmail!

Case study: Topcheque Security

TopCheque incorporates a unique anti-fraud chequestrip feature which makes it difficult to add or alter personalised data and virtually impossible to colour copy or scan. The TopCheque range can also include a corporate logo or image, which can itself be used as an additional security measure.

Comprehensive chequebook production facilities mean we can design, print, store, data-manage, personalise, insert, mail sort and post - all from our single high-security site. CFH Docmail can also manage the end-to-end corporate cheque payment process to achieve higher security and accuracy AND major cost savings.

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