Document Personalisation

CFH Docmail Specialist Services

CFH Docmail are far more than just printers.

We are able add on a range of extra services to enhance either the printed matter itself or the way it is handled, from high degrees of personalisation right through to full a postal service at unbeatable discount rates!

By saving you organisational time and infrastructure overheads we can greatly improve your bottom line.

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About Document Personalisation

CFH Docmail produce ‘transactional’ documents, which means we can tailor documents to individual customers needs.

Exploit the full potential of your customer communications with our ‘transpromotional’ mailing facility. This means you can include personalised sales messages, graphics, colour and mechanical features and enclosing inserts in line with customers profiles.

Your documents now become powerful sales and marketing tools that raise customer perception and drive revenue.

Case study: Bank Group Credit Cards

CFH Docmail have entered into a dialogue with the credit card division of a large international banking Group to supply core documents. CFH Docmail became a strategic partner and was awarded all outgoing documentation for credit card operation. CFH Docmail re-designed the statement so that the transactional data could be analysed prior to printing, and was able to receive marketing strategy that dictated targeted messaging and offers. The highly dynamic statement creation allowed CFH Docmail to tailor document design and messaging according to transactional data and marketing strategy. This allows the ability to react to a clients spends profile and tailor design and message accordingly.

CFH Docmail was awarded with the production of this Group's bank account statements. As a key value enhancement CFH Docmail worked with the Group to develop an automated solution for processing leads received by the call centre and banker channels.

These leads are processed for letter or brochure insert into printed account statements and a response file is automated back to the bank for the purpose of introducing market driven lead offers from the system to the customer.

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