How to improve your print and digital resident communications.

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With ever growing resident populations and increasing demands on your time and budgets we know how challenging it can be to find the best way to communicate effectively with your residents.

Whether you are looking to send your annual bulk statements, rent arrears, resident newsletters, reminders or booklets we can manage the creation whether physical or digital as well as secure delivery.

Working together to achieve your targets, we will support your communication process through a series of innovate solutions, that are tailored to your audience requirements.

From our hybrid mail and complete managed service offering to our e-delivery and digital transformation process, our communication solutions are designed to manage your processes in a way that suits you best.

Platform Housing Group

Hybrid communications for housing groups

The team were ‘second to none’. They were just there all the time, with rapid response on every question. They follow up to check understanding with phone calls and anticipate and offer help. They guided me through the whole process. 

Natasha Morris,
Group Income Services Manager

Hybrid mail for housing groups

Leicester City Council

Hybrid mail for housing groups

...The process has already provided instant savings in terms of time with an efficient process that is easy to manage on a department or user basis.

Hybrid communications for housing groups

We understand communication

Effective communication, is all about being smart. It’s about understanding your audience and their requirements, so that you deliver the right communication, at the right time, to make a lasting impact.

This all may seem challenging, but with our dedicated team of experts it’s quite the opposite.

From consultancy, onboarding no matter the product, right through to relationship management, CFH Docmail is the partner of choice for housing associations across the UK, delivering secure, communications when it matters most.

We combine our secure production facilities, ISO 27001 Information Security Management certification and Cyber Essentials Plus with the latest digital and print technology, guaranteeing your communications will make an impact and drive your desired outcomes.

We understand the importance of communication and how to get it right, so that you and your residents can benefit from every communication you send.

Save 59% on each document sent


Increasingly we are supporting organisations, like housing associations and councils on their digital transformation journey, as we understand that your audiences need a mixture of both physical and digital communications. 

‘51% prefer companies to use a combination of both mail and email’

Most importantly we’ll work with you to help you achieve your outcomes within the security of a service that is fully GDPR compliant; the most highly accredited for security in the UK, powered by the best technology available and with access to free consultancy from experts in every department. 

From initially identifying your business goals, to aligning our plan to create and deliver a robust and meaningful solution, we ensure you remain at the forefront of your market and excel with innovation. 

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* Market Reach, 2013