Integral Cards

About Integral Cards

CFH Docmail are able to integrate a wide range of mechanical features into you documents to maximise usefulness and improve response rates.

Some of our most popular product uses are for membership cards, visitor passes, safe cards and windscreen stickers. We also specialise is discreet data applications allowing store cards, telephone cards, PIN numbers advice numerical admission cards, pre-paid internet access cards and notification of passwords due to this facility coupled with our APACS accreditation.

Case study: Large Medical Insurance Company

Some of the features of this product range are:

Confidential and secure, data applied via laser and impact printers, discreet area applied anywhere to the document, any size or number of discreet areas in one document, individual vouchers for direct use, can be used in conjunction with other integrated products, printed in any amount of colours including full colour both sides, peelable adhesive, clean release, consistent print quality, variable thickness of base material, laminated if required gloss or matt, laser inkjet compatibility, holograms/foils can be applied for extra security and all features can be personalised in one pass - no matching is required. We can also apply variable data as well as data storage components such as barcodes.

We have completed various mailings for a large medical insurance company which involved us producing their membership cards. We have also recently won the contract with them for the next year, which will require us to produce them again.

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CFH Docmail Specialist Services

CFH Docmail are far more than just printers.

We are able add on a range of extra services to enhance either the printed matter itself or the way it is handled, from high degrees of personalisation right through to full a postal service at unbeatable discount rates!

By saving you organisational time and infrastructure overheads we can greatly improve your bottom line.

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