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CFH Docmail offer Local Government the full range of printing and related services - joined up, connected solutions to keep your bills down without compromising efficiency and reliability.

Best of all, we do everything in-house, so there are no out-sourcing issues or delays.

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About Invoices

We can tailor Invoice documents to individual customers needs. By including personalised data into your working documents, you can exploit the full potential of your customer communications.

This means you can include personalised sales messages, graphics, colour and mechanical features and enclosing inserts in line with customers profiles. In doing this, your documents become powerful sales and marketing tools that raise customer perception and drive revenue.

Case study: Large Multinational Oil Company

We produce invoices for a large multinational oil company on a daily basis, both 1st and 2nd class files. We also produce statement files on a monthly basis.

Daily invoices are sent out standard tariff, where as the statements are sent out mailsort 120ocr. Over the past year we have produced a total of 500,000 invoice and 370,000 statements.

CFH Docmail allow you to get more from your documents than you ever thought possible. Flexible, versatile … how did you ever manage before!

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