Landlord Notifications

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About Landlord Notifications

CFH Docmail offers a range of products designed to assist with revenue collection including:

Revenue & benefits products, benefit notification letters, overpayment cheques and letters, landlord schedules and cheques, benefit debtor letters, benefit schedules, CTAX/NDR special arrangements, CTAX/NDR recovery books/letters, review letters, reminder/final reminders, complaint lists, summonses, warrants of arrest, warrant of commitment, pre-bailiff letters and more...

Case study: Large London Borough

We print landlord notifications for a number of councils, including one large London Borough.

For this Borough, the notifications are batched where there are multiple landlord letters going to the same address, this saves the council money on postage.

We also merge the landlord cheques with the notifications where possible to gain maximum postage discount.

We also print BACS landlord schedules. Each month we print between 2,000 and 4,000 Notifications.

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