Mailing Services

CFH Docmail Specialist Services

CFH Docmail are far more than just printers.

We are able add on a range of extra services to enhance either the printed matter itself or the way it is handled, from high degrees of personalisation right through to full a postal service at unbeatable discount rates!

By saving you organisational time and infrastructure overheads we can greatly improve your bottom line.

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About Mailing Services

CFH Docmail are a downstream access provider which enables us to maximise savings on behalf of our customers by sorting our own mail before delivering to the Royal Mail for final mile delivery.

How secure is the data - well as one of the country’s leading printers, we offer complete peace of mind to our customers through our secure factory which is APACS accredited and has special features designed to protect sensitive data for cheques and bank statements, so we are ideal to handle this kind of information.

Case study: 75 Million Envelopes!

CFH Docmail currently successfully handles 75,000,000 envelopes per year (1,500,000 per week) through our onsite mail sortation facility saving thousands of pounds for thousands of customers!

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