CFH Docmail Specialist Services

CFH Docmail are far more than just printers.

We are able add on a range of extra services to enhance either the printed matter itself or the way it is handled, from high degrees of personalisation right through to full a postal service at unbeatable discount rates!

By saving you organisational time and infrastructure overheads we can greatly improve your bottom line.

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About Mailshots

CFH Docmail are able to offer our customers the ability to produce quality mailshots despite the quantities usually related to high volume mailings. With our vast experience in this field, we are able to help our customers to tailor their campaigns to suit a varied audience and also offer huge postal cost savings, thus creating the right look and feel with economy of time and money!

This is just one of a vast range of products and services CFH Docmail are able to offer its customers!

Case study: Large Recruitment Company

This business is one of the UK’s leading specialist independent recruitment agencies offering a wide choice of temporary and permanent careers from top UK employers. They post over 1 million job applications per month and target over 1.7 million job seekers a month.

Due to the vast amount of mailshots we produce for them on a twice daily process we have built a user friendly website interface enabling their consultants to submit targeted mailing lists before composing letters and other direct mail, using a range of templates and appropriate inserts. Every day we harvest the data submitted by the comapny to the web interface, and produce and distribute that day’s mailing.

This has created a significant saving for them on print and postage costs, including reducing the requirement for pre-pay franking machines in their offices.

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