Main Billing

CFH Docmail Council Printing Services

CFH Docmail offer Local Government the full range of printing and related services - joined up, connected solutions to keep your bills down without compromising efficiency and reliability.

Best of all, we do everything in-house, so there are no out-sourcing issues or delays.

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About Main Billing

Our technical and print abilities, combined with our ability to litho print, digital print, enclose and mail, all under one roof - make CFH Docmail a main billing specialist.

We provide main billing processing, print and despatch for some 26 Local Authorities, amounting to around 13% of all main billing produced in England and Wales.

Case study: City Council Main Billing Success!

One of the largest City Councils in Europe used CFH Docmail for main billing, and other services, for a number of years. They proposed to deliver data to CFH Docmail at the beginning of March, with final despatch by March 31st.

Following a decision by the Council, the required despatch date had to be changed to the 14th, taking some two weeks out of the production schedule for the council with by far the largest number of council tax bills to produce in both bill and booklet form - and after commitments had been made to some 25 other Local Authorities.

With 25 other councils bills to produce, CFH Docmail had to state that to achieve this requirement would be on a reasonable endeavours basis. We then set out to hit the date regardless! Total commitment from our staff, to the extent that office staff were finishing their days work, and then helping on the shop floor, enabled CFH Docmail to ensure that not only did this council hit the delivery date of March 14th, but in addition, every other council was also delivered as promised, even though many of them had their own issues that we helped them to overcome.

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