Postal Voting Packages

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CFH Docmail offer Local Government the full range of printing and related services - joined up, connected solutions to keep your bills down without compromising efficiency and reliability.

Best of all, we do everything in-house, so there are no out-sourcing issues or delays.

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About Postal Voting Packages

CFH Docmail offer a full range of services to Elections Officers and their team members. 

These items include Canvass Forms, Postal Vote packs with or without ballot papers and personal identifiers. 

Our team of in house designers and programmers are able to format and produce most designs you would require and we are able to work with a range of different software systems.

Case study: Regional Purchasing Organisation

CFH Docmail won the contract to print canvass forms for several Councils via their purchasing organisation. Each Council had their own individual requirements, but were able to benefit from the cost efficiencies of grouping together under contract. Members of the CFH Docmail implementation team visited each Council before the start of the canvass to ensure that all their requirements were understood and met.

The Team Leader for Elections and Registration Service for one of these councils had this to say: “Thanks for all your help - things are going very smoothly and it feels as though we have worked with you for years…”

This is just one of a vast range of products and services CFH Docmail are able to offer its customers!

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