Please visit ROYAL MAIL LATEST NEWS for the lastest strike information.

New strike dates announced 16th & 17th February 2023.

What we are doing to support you

As with previous strikes CFH will work closely with both Royal Mail Retail, Royal Mail Wholesale and our Downstream Access (DSA) mail carriers to ensure that your mail is processed as soon as possible during these times, however mostly this will be out of our control so we need to make you aware of the disruption during these dates.

As a valued client you can assist where possible by sending your data files in early so we can despatch as much mail as possible on the days leading up to these strikes, therefore avoiding hold ups during the strike and subsequent processing backlog.

DSA mail will be collected by our carriers as usual and handed over to the receiving Royal Mail Inbound Mail Centres the next working day (where we understand there should be limited staff working). This mail will then be processed when striking staff return to work in each department.

Non-Access, Retail Mail will be collected on the next working day following the strike, we are working with Royal Mail’s collecting Mail Centres to ensure they have the capacity on vehicles to collect all the backlog of work.

Rest assured we are doing everything we can to minimise any disruption during this strike period and we will keep you updated with any changes to the latest information and guidance as required. If you have any queries, please contact your dedicated CFH Account Manager.

Latest updates from the Royal Mail Group can be found here: ROYAL MAIL LATEST NEWS

Kind regards,

Kelly Stokes
Group Head of Postal Service
CFH Docmail Ltd

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