The first truly hybrid mail solution in the UK. We are the industry leading service for businesses looking to save money on print and post, improve efficiencies and innovate their communications.

Hybrid mail? We call it Docmail

Hybrid mail is when a user personalises and sends a document directly from their computer. At CFH we have a fantastic market-leading product called Docmail, which prints, encloses and posts that document for you.

We provide easy to use, free of charge software where you can send your letters, invoices, mail shots, recall letters, newsletters, postcards and greetings cards all directly from your device.

The documents can be printed in black and white or colour. From one page or 100+ pages, 1st or 2nd class post – the choice is yours. You simply tell us how you would like it printed and we will take care of everything else.

The UK's first...

Docmail was the first hybrid mail service to be launched in the UK in 2008 and to this day is still the most advanced offering on the market. You can personalise and design documents and envelopes, then follow up with a text message or secure electronic document all from your desk.

Our systems are created and maintained by our expert team of over 40 developers, so everything we provide is owned, and continually developed at no cost to you. We have a virtual Print Driver, web services, API, virtual drop box and SFTP transfers, so you can pick the software that suits you and meets your business needs.

West Linton Medical Practice

Speechmark...the main benefit of using Docmail is the huge time saving - it's good to know that at the push of a button letters have been printed and posted.Speechmark

100% security approved

Docmail’s system, production sites and staff are all 100% security approved, giving you the safest service for your private letters and data lists. Our production facilities are run on solar generated electricity, we replant trees for all of the paper we use and can offer you a carbon-free document delivery service.

So why do we claim to be the Home of Hybrid Mail? Because this is where the journey began, and our 30,000+ clients can’t be wrong.

North Devon Council has enabled us to reduce costs and free up already stretched resources. The process is so simple and worry-free, I'd certainly recommend using Docmail.Speechmark

What are the benefits to you?

Imagine sending out a mailing of 100 letters, you need the paper, the printer, the toner cartridge, the envelopes, the stamps. You’ve had to go out and buy all of these things, then enclose all of those letters and run to the post office, just in time for the last collection. Do you ever wonder how much that would have cost you in money and even more importantly - your time?

With Docmail hybrid mail, all of those costs and time are saved. You simply create your mailing and press ‘go’. We provide the paper, envelopes and everything else needed. We even give you £1 free credit to test the system and perhaps send yourself a letter or postcard.

Our software is all free to use, you only pay for the documents we send for you, all this for less than the price of a stamp. There is no contract or minimum quantity with Docmail so you can use it just when you need it.

Let us do the hard work for you, leaving you with the peace of mind that your documents have been managed in a secure facility, printed to the highest quality and sent in the most cost effective and environmentally friendly way.

Bring efficiencies to your processes, allow you and your staff to focus on what’s important to you – running your business.

In our ever-challenging business world, let Docmail’s hybrid mail service take care of your customer communications.

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I recommend Docmail to all my friends and would encourage any Practice that doesn't yet have the benefit of the service to give it a go.

Ronnel Van Der Spuy, 20/20 Dental Practice

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