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Bedfordshire Pension Fund


The council had been using traditional sealed payslips, crimped on three edges to confirm pension payments to ex council employees. There was a new requirement to include additional information in the mailing and to make the overall execution of the presentation and delivery more contemporary. Cost saving was also on the agenda. The business development and account management team (Chris and Alice) were presented with the challenge.


Daniel Cutmore, Group Leader, Benefits Team says ‘We had a series of changes that we wanted to make but with no creative expertise in house (or budget) we didn’t expect to be able to achieve much. We spoke to Chris and Alice and were delighted when they came back almost immediately with a series of new templates which would also allow us to easily make additional changes in the future. Once the designs were agreed , they even came in person from Bath to deliver the proofs which gave us the opportunity to talk through how we could improve processes in the future.

We sent out the mailing in the new format to 18,000 recipients without a single complaint (which is highly unusual) and had lots of plaudits. The new format goes in a standard envelope, is easier to open, has a larger font and logo and is better laid out which makes it easier for our older client base to read.

Vitally, when we are trying to save money, every letter is printed on demand which means no longer holding stocks of paper or envelopes and we can include additional sheets as and when required.'

Key learnings and results

  • Updated mailing better presentation
  • New layout, font and execution result in improved customer experience and communication
  • Cost saving on each mailing
  • Removal of need to hold paper stocks, zero wastage

Provision of end to end solution for client, minimal input, achievement of all key objectives. Additional incremental benefits of savings on hard costs including consumables and staff time as well as freeing up office space for new use. Working with council to meet business transformation targets while improving customer service.

pension mailings

I can’t praise the team enough. They responded immediately and above and beyond my expectation to the brief. The changes were all implemented flawlessly and we managed to not only improve the quality and effectiveness of our written communication but also to save money.

pension communications

18 months on…

18 months on since CFH Docmail implemented an alternative solution to sending payslips and P60s, the updating of the communication solution continues to act as a positive engagement method for their audience, providing a wealth of benefits to the Bedfordshire Pension Fund team.

The solution was implemented to provide an alternative, streamlined method of sending pension documentation to their audience. The process consists of printing documents generated from the Altair system, through a secure SFTP connection that provides an instant connection between CFH Docmail and the Bedfordshire Pension Department.

The process is as simple as downloading the documents from Altair, securely uploading them to the SFTP connection for CFH Docmail to receive, sort and provide a print proof for approval. Once approved by the Bedfordshire team, CFH Docmail then proceed to print and dispatch the documents on their behalf.

The process is followed up and supported by a dedicated account manager who is on hand to provide production updates, answer any questions and make amends or adjustments to the communication templates in use.

Bedfordshire pensions describes the whole process, as a simple three step process that can support all types of organisations.

Working together, CFH and Bedfordshire Pension Fund have thought of everything, to ensure that the process is smooth, easy to use and straightforward. This enables the communication to be effective, time sensitive and cost effective for the fund as well as saving vital resource for the organisation.

CFH Docmail continues to provide an easy to manage process, with expert assistant and support to allow for the management of communications to be sent effectively. The long standing partnership provides a way of increasing engagement, driving responses and meeting the targeted communication outcomes all whilst saving time and money.

bedfordshire pensions

CFH has always provided a quick and efficient service and covered all our needs to our expectations. Every time I’ve had to contact CFH, I have always received a quick response and the CFH Team couldn’t be more friendly.

Daniel Cutmore

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