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Print is where the CFH journey began back in 1977. We are proud of our heritage and to this day still offer a high class printing service.

Paper wraps, cheques, continuous forms, stationery and integrated forms are part of the unique toolkit we love to produce for our clients.

With CFH PRINT you are welcome to explore our unique mix of conventional and digital high-quality, sustainable printing and finishing services.

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A high-quality piece of print not only shows your brand quality, it also shows your clients that you really care.

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Advanced finishing

From printing to sheeting, folding and booklet making, we'll enhance your printed items with any finish.

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Experienced team

With over 45 years of experience, CFH can offer you a unique mix of conventional and digital printing.

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From our FSC® (C006025) and PEFC certified paper to investment in the latest most efficient print technology.

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Partner of choice

We are the print partner of choice for many businesses, large, medium and small.  Talk to CFH about your print needs.

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We are proud of our extensive digital, lithographic print and finishing capabilities, designed to meet our customer needs.

Why CFH still love print

Why wouldn't we, lithographic printing is such a reliable, high-quality, versatile printing method. Its ability to produce consistent results, for high volumes still make it a very popular choice at CFH.  

The sharp, clean images and crisp, clear text and use of vibrant colours make it a perfect match for a wide range of applications. From paper wrap for magazines to high quality brochures, lithographic printing produces consistent results from the first print to the last.  

It's the special effects that add value, with lithographic printing you can add a spot UV coating, embossing, and metallic inks. These effects can help to enhance the visual appeal of printed materials and make them stand out from the crowd.

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In our ever-challenging business world, let CFH’s print service take care of all your printing needs, leaving you with the peace of mind that your documents have been managed in a secure facility, produced to the highest quality and in the most environmentally friendly way.

Let CFH work with you to unlock the real value that print can deliver as part of your communication strategy.

There is a reason that print still has a higher response rate than other channels, and remains a core pillar of successful multichannel campaigns.

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Security Print

We offer more than just print, we specialise in security print solutions. Empowering our clients with security print products that minimise counterfeiting and unauthorised copies whilst enhancing the communications they send.

Our knowledge and expertise have been developed over 45 years to offer the leading security print products, powered by the best technologies and capabilities.

Producing over 100 million cheques, 20 million certificates and using over 100 tonnes of security paper each year, we understand how the market requirements continuously evolve and we are here to help. 

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When choosing CFH, it’s all about the service, stability and trust. You will be given your own dedicated print specialist who will be available when you need them. They have advanced industry knowledge and are able to provide advice, best practice and guidance on the best print and finishing service for you.

At CFH we have a real passion for print and continue to invest in the latest print and finishing equipment to add value to every document that is created.

With our competitively priced, high-quality products and a long-standing reputation for outstanding service, let us help you show your clients how much you care. Print lasts a lifetime, let's see what we can do together.

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Advanced Capabilities & New innovations

We are proud of our extensive digital and lithographic print capabilities, and our state of the art finishing equipment. Our equipment includes the latest colour continuous Canon inkjets, Xerox iGens, a Drent 9 colour lithographic press and many laser printers. From collators, tamarack, hot melt and data driven booklet makers, we can ensure your print requirements meet your exact needs.

To give an indication of production speed, one colour continuous inkjet can produce 1,800 high quality double sided A4 sheets per minute.  With its dynamic perforation capability we can apply any perforation pattern on demand, perfect for your voucher or coupon. 

We understand how the print market continuously evolves and are constantly developing our service to bring new innovations to our clients.

We have been developing an environmentally friendly alternative to integrated products and are pleased to confirm the release of our liner-less product range

So, what are the key benefits of liner-less when measured against traditional integrated products? There is no release liner involved in the manufacturing process, so zero waste to landfill. Its a fully recyclable finished product, with full utilisation of the printed sheet.  

The sheet can be pre-printed underneath the label or applied product and as there is no liner on the reverse, this can be used for the returns instructions, promotions or terms and conditions. 

A wide range of materials can be applied including coated and uncoated papers, and synthetic laminates for more durable applications.

For more information or if you would like to see some samples, please contact our team.

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