Utilise multichannel communications

Would you like to utilise multichannel communications to get the results you need?

You have come to the right place, at CFH we understand your audience and how to reach them in today’s connected world.

If it’s your customers, residents, patients or citizens, CFH can provide you with an advanced suite of communication channels. We understand that one channel in isolation is no longer suitable for everyone, we will work with you to deliver unique, tailored messaging channels, sent at the right time.

Utilise The Most Effective Communication Partner

Effective communication

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Use a blended approach of channels to get the best results 

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Utilising more than one channel to deliver great results

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Print still plays an important role in the channel mix

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Give your customers the choice of digital messaging

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Achieve the results and the outcomes that you need 

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Effective channels

Understand which channels work best for your audience


Do you only use one channel when contacting your customers, do you find letters, text messages or emails in isolation just aren’t getting the results you need?

Is your customer base changing, your calls to action aren’t working for you or you want to go “paper lite” but not sure where to start?

Perhaps you have company targets to reduce spend, be more considerate of the environment, or be able to communicate better in alternative languages or accessibility formats?

You need to be using the most effective channels to get results?

Let us help you
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At CFH, our unique and blended approach to communications could be exactly what you are looking for. You no longer need to be wasting your valuable budget and resources on non-effective communications. It’s time to be choosing the right channel at the right time, and as your message develops, let your communication channel develop too.

With real-time monitoring and an understanding of the response rates, CFH will act accordingly, reviewing, revising, and reacting to those results. We understand your customer journey and will apply our best practice and proven methodology to deliver the right message, in the right channel at the right time.

With our extensive channel choice which can include online, offline, two-way, inbound and outbound, we will capture and respond to ensure you get the results you need.

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We understand your customer expectations are high and ever changing, and you have different requirements for different types of communications.

CFH manage them all for you with our tailored mix of ways to connect with every audience.

With real-time data insights that will trigger the next step in the communication process, something that’s just not possible when using multiple providers.

With our expert team, proven communication process and data insights at your fingertips, we will ensure you utilise the most effective communication channels for your organisation.

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You provide the data and we will provide the results. Sounds simple, it really can be.

CFH are channel agnostic – we really don’t have a preference; the importance is what works for you and your customers.

We have full access to many communication channels – and will select the perfect blended approach for you.

CFH aren’t the partner to just save you money on one channel, we will ensure all channels work seamlessly together, with intelligent automated decision making, giving you the results your truly deserve.

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