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Are you looking to save time, money and improve efficiencies for your printed and posted customer communications, but due to security concerns you would require the platform to be hosted on your own secure network?  

Would you like to have software that allows you to manage all of your teams document output whilst also having an easy-to-use dashboard and extensive management information? 

Are you looking for centralised document management for your customer letters as you have lots of the same type of output on a daily basis?

CFH's Docbox is the perfect solution for you.

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Save time and money

It drives time and money efficiencies by removing the need to print documents in house.

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Real time reporting

View the status of all jobs and the activity of all of your team, down to individual recipient level.

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As the software sits securely on your network, you have peace of mind at all times.

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Self serve or automation

Individual job control or hands free automation, we have the capability to match your exact needs.

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The perfect partnership

Together we can achieve the results you need, with a strong partnership and the best in class solution.

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CFH Docbox

Your on premise document output management saving time and money on your communications.

What is Docbox?

Docbox is CFH’s unique secure on-premise document management solution. There isn’t any other communication software quite like it when it comes to exceeding your secure print and post expectations.

The software solution allows your organisation to securely print from within your network directly to our print and post facility, offering you access to our high-quality print capabilities and reduced postage rates.

Docbox is hosted on your infrastructure and provides centralised document output management, it's tailored to your organisational requirements and supports you in achieving your communication goals. It’s like having your very own print and mail factory with you having full control of all your documents at all times.  

Output can be sent to Docbox directly from your users or your own software applications. This is then visible in a powerful dashboard where you and your teams have full control of the output before it is sent to CFH for secure print and posting.


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Docbox gives you access to CFH’s industry leading print capabilities and reduced postage rates, all via the user-friendly software, whilst you remain in control of every document that is sent. Docbox gives you several options to send your print requests, these include:

  • Individual or mail merge documents from Microsoft Word straight to Docbox using our virtual print driver

  • You can upload PDFs directly into the Docbox dashboard or via the print driver

  • For daily regular output from programs and applications used within your organisation, they can be automatically sent using the Docbox File Agent

The workflow is then really simple. Your letters are sent to Docbox via one of these options. Docbox checks your letters are suitable for printing through the validation process. Delay time periods can be configured to allow for any management approval. Documents are then securely sent to CFH for printing and posting.

Intelligent validation

There are some great checks along the way to make sure your letters are printed and posted exactly how you would like them to be. The intelligent validation can be configured to check your document against defined criteria, like the paper type, document size, orientation or number of sheets.

The automation option delivers hands-off capabilities, freeing up your valuable time and resources. The user-friendly dashboard allows your department administrators or individual users to have full control of their print output at every stage of the process.

For each job it displays the unique job number, the filename or document title, the recipients name and postcode, the user or document owner, the job status and the job type. It also allows you to take action, which can be to view the document or details of the job, and cancel or delete it.

Docbox even has Special Delivery capabilities, whereby the Royal Mail tracking code will be available in the dashboard.

The solution really is flexible, and a great way to ensure you get the very best out of your communications. 

Docbox key elements

Icon Docbox Server

Docbox server

This is Docbox's engine and it sits on a virtual appliance within your network infrastructure

Icon Docbox Dashboard

Docbox dashboard

This is your "window" into Docbox allowing users to monitor and manage their own output

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Docbox print driver

This print driver for Windows can be installed on user's PCs for them to print directly to Docbox.

Icon Docbox File agent

Docbox file agent

This provides automation capabilities allowing programs and applications to send to Docbox

Icon Docbox Printer

Docbox printers

It defines the requirements for each letter for example, black only, full colour, 2nd class

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CFH Docbox

Your on premise document output management saving time and money on your communications


We believe the benefits of Docbox are so much more than the cost and time savings on your print and posted output. Having the ability to monitor and manage all of the documents processed across many departments or teams will give you greater control of activity and spend.

Having Docbox on your own infrastructure not only gives you the security you need for your customer data, its usage of active directory ensures you are in control of user access. Your organisation controls access to the printers, the dashboard and the reporting.

Docbox utilises encryption throughout the data journey to ensure secure transfer of data. From your user desktops or applications within your network to Docbox and ultimately to our print and mail facility, you can be assured that your data is safe. The visibility and control you have is really powerful, with centralised monitoring, status tracking, and optional email notifications. You really are in the driving seat.

With complete flexibility due to the multiple methods of sending output to Docbox, this is the ideal solution to meet the needs of your business.

Through powerful reporting Docbox provides the ability to view real time data, which can be downloaded for further analysis and management information. This can be configured based on user activity, recipient information, providing control and activity data for you. 

We understand how vital it is ensuring your data is safe at all times, so we manage your client’s data with the utmost respect and security. CFH is fully GDPR compliant, IS0 27001 approved and Docbox is supported by the very best technology, to help organisations like yours achieve the powerful results you need.


This disruptive technology is used by organisations across the UK, including the public and private sectors, local authorities and NHS Trusts. Docbox is a secure and cost-effective alternative to printing in house.

Let’s look at the differences.
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You retain full control of your documents at all times, documents are printed on brand and on time. There is no need to purchase paper or envelopes and no need for printers, toner cartridges or franking machines.

You can take full advantage of CFH’s bulk buying and discounted postage rates. No need to have staff hand enclosing envelopes or running to the post office, they can focus on core duties. As Docbox sits on your infrastructure, there is no risk to the security of your data.

Printing in house

Documents can be printed on different printers to varying quality standards.

You have to purchase paper and envelopes, and manage printer and franking machine lease contracts.

You may have limited access to postal reductions, and your staff spend time sorting paper jams, folding letters and posting them.


Our professional services team will work in partnership with you to install, configure and implement the solution.

Once Docbox has been deployed onto your network, CFH will remotely configure everything for you. We will set up all of the rules and permissions at organisation, department and user level.

Whether you’re sending individual mailings, bulk mailings or a blend of the two, our Docbox software offers flexibility on every level. You remain in full control, and can enjoy the cost and time savings for your organisation. 

Talk to our specialists about CFH Docbox and the benefits it can bring to your organisation today.

Business Communications

Giving our staff the ability to press print and not worry is a big time saver, not having to worry about printing in house, enveloping and sending a document to the post room for it then to be posted is fantastic for the department and council.

Following the pandemic, it has highlighted how important the Docbox service is for our staff to be able to easily work from home and not worry about letters arriving on time without delays.

Our relationship with CFH is fantastic, they are always on hand and happy to assist our queries when we need them.”

Senior Systems & Control Officer,
Basildon and Brentwood Local Authority

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