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Would you like to send digital communications to your customers, while avoiding the security risks with emails, or the emails ending up in your recipients spam filter? 

Do you need to save time and money against postage costs, whilst ensuring your customers still receive important letters from you?

Are you ready to begin the move to digital document delivery, but need some help to get started?

CFH's Dotpost is the perfect solution for you.


CFH Dotpost Digital Document Delivery Portait UK


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100% Delivery

No risk of spam filters or junk folders and quicker than a posted letter.

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90% Cost Savings

No need for physical materials and cheaper than a posted letter.

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Alternative to email

A digital option with no concerns about the size of attachments.

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Powered by the very best technology and 100% security guaranteed.

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We are transforming the ways in which you can engage with your customers.

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CFH Dotpost

Your online digital document delivery solution, for secure e-delivery.

What is Dotpost?

Dotpost is a digital document delivery platform, enabling you to send your letters electronically, cost effectively and most importantly securely straight to your target audiences.

This innovative software allows you to connect with your audiences through a secure digital channel, that isn't email.

Your customers can receive a document from you, log into their personal Dotpost account which they can access at anytime, from anywhere. They can then view, save and store the letter in their secure Dotpost account. Documents are only ever accessible by the recipient. 

With effective digital document delivery guaranteed, your documents won’t be mistaken for spam and will be sent through directly to your customers secure Dotpost inbox.

It helps you positively engage with your audiences, drives your communication goals and makes a real difference in the way you communicate.

With up to 90% savings when compared to a printed and posted letter and it being much safer that sending an email, it really is the perfect digital alternative for you.

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When you next communicate with your customers through one of CFH’s print and post services, we can enclose a Dotpost registration invitation with a unique code in the envelope.

Your audience can then register for their own secure Dotpost inbox which can be accessed any time from any platform. A copy of the letter you are sending will already be waiting for them in their Dotpost account.

The next time you need to write to them, you can send your documents to CFH and we will send them securely and electronically via digital document delivery, straight to your customers Dotpost account.

Dotpost only allows communications from approved senders, and the end recipient is in full control of who can send documents to them.

You know your message is delivered with importance and not lost in an email box full of other digital communications. With the increase in scams and fraudulent emails, you have the peace of mind knowing that your documents have been safely delivered.

Our expert teams will work with you every step of the way, from accelerating excitement with your audience to supporting you to get the most out of the Dotpost solution. You'll simply be enjoying a higher engagement rate, and reduced costs when sending your communications.

The benefits of Dotpost

Organisations everywhere are sending important documents using Dotpost, providing their audiences with 24/7 access to their communications.

Whether you have a requirement to send confidential communications including letters, appointments letters, pay slips, bills and statements to having a digitally driven target audience, Dotpost offers you a new way of sending communications that is guaranteed to achieve the results you require.

The benefits are clear:

  • The speed of delivery. This can be same day, quicker than 1st class post, it's special delivery at no extra charge
  • It’s fully integrated with CFH’s other solutions including CFH Docmail and CFH Managed
  • It brings together the full content of a printed communication with the speed of online digital document delivery
  • Since 2014, the solution has been trusted to deliver communications across the UK by health providers, local government and private sector business
  • Dotpost is free to use for your customers
  • It eliminates any concerns with email security, the sending of sensitive data and attachment sizes
  • Detailed reports give you the metrics you need in a way that postal communication can’t, such as how many customers you reached, how many documents were read, and when documents were read

Our team of experts are here to advise, support and guide you to make sure you maximise your digital communications. As your partners for smarter communications, we are ready to help you take that next step in your digital engagement journey. 

Choosing Digital Document Delivery

Icon Revenue

Free of charge

There is no charge for them to receive, store or delete documents

Icon Trusted And Secure

100% Privacy

Dotpost stores their documents in our UK-based data centre 

Icon Return To Sender

Digital filing system

They can search, label and star documents from different senders

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Document storage

Dotpost can be used to store any other important documents.

Icon No Contract

No unsolicited mail

They control who can contact them via Dotpost

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CFH Dotpost

Their secure online digital document delivery portal


Dotpost is a secure and cost-effective alternative to email, offering a next generation way of sending digital communications.

Let’s look at the differences:


  • No worries about being identified as spam or ending up in a junk folder
  • No delivery issues due to the size of documents sent 
  • The document is sent straight to the Dotpost account
  • Your customers know it is safe to open and that it has 100% come from you
  • 100% digital document delivery guaranteed


  • Unrecognised senders can be blocked, sent to spam or placed into a junk folder
  • Delivery issues due to the size of attachments
  • Risk of clicking on an attachment
  • You may not have your customers email address, only the postal address
  • Undelivered emails

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