Use the best Hybrid Mail product in the UK

Would you like to use the best Hybrid Mail product in the UK, and want to understand more about how Docmail can help your organisation?

Docmail is our market leading, highly secure Hybrid Mail service. It was the first of its kind, revolutionising our client’s print and postal communications for over 15 years.

We are proud to maintain our position as being the most advanced option today, by a hybrid mile.

Use The Best Hybrid Mail Product

Marketing leading hybrid mail

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Hybrid mail

Enjoy the benefits of having your own print and post factory at your fingertips

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Virtual print driver

Its as easy as printing to your office printer, simply download our free virtual printer 

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Easy to use

Our secure web service allows you to manage your reports, library and admin

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API integration

With our SOAP based API you can integrate Docmail with your own systems

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Training and support

We provide free training and onboarding and a friendly support team

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Market leading

You remain fully in control with Docmail, print and post for your customer communications


Are you printing, folding and filling envelopes in your office, fixing paper jams, running out of ink and often running to the post office, but don’t always have the resource to do this? Would you like to send smart, on time documents to your customers, safe in the knowledge that your customer data is protected, all for less than the cost of a stamp? 

Do you want to be in control of your organisation’s mailings, whilst allowing your team to send print and mail direct from their desktops or even home office? With consumable, energy and postal costs rising, do you just need to understand if there is a more cost-effective solution? Do you need to send bulk mail and individual letters, fully personalised, and would like all of your team to be trained to do so?  If the answer is yes, then our Docmail Hybrid mail service is for you.

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You can have your own, hassle free, personal print and post service – at your fingertips.

Register for free today at Docmail - Sign up for an account (, we will even give you some free credit to test it and see for yourself how great it is.

This powerful, cost effective, flexible and easy to use system is built with our customers needs in mind.

Docmail Hybrid Mail is the industry leading service for organisations looking to improve efficiencies, innovate their communications and get better results.

CFH Hybrid Communications


This market disrupting technology has changed the way thousands of businesses communicate with their audience, it was such an amazing service that we even added “Docmail” to our company name.

With a key focus on keeping things simple and easy to use, our Hybrid Mail platform takes care of everything for you – from printing, enclosing and posting documents to following up with digital communications. 

We have three options designed to meet your business and user needs. We have our free to download virtual print driver, a cloud-based web service and even an easy to use API, perfect for your development team.


CFH Hybrid Mail

Your personal print room

Whether you’re improving your processes, aiming to communicate more regularly, or looking for measurable time and money savings, Docmail Hybrid Mail is here for you.

You prepare, we print and we post. It really couldn’t be easier.

If it’s letters, postcards, newsletters, greeting cards, text messages and digitally delivered documents, with Docmail Hybrid Mail there is no minimum quantity and no maximum quantity.

1st class, 2nd class, black and white, full colour, over print and personalised envelopes, include a printed leaflet or a business reply envelope, the possibilities are endless.

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Free onboarding and training

There are significant savings to be made when compared with an in-house printed document.

No need to buy paper, envelopes, printers or stamps, no more franking machines or staff folding and preparing the mail.

If that wasn’t enough, we also offer free onboarding and training sessions with our experts to help you get the very best from your hybrid mail service.

We also have a dedicated customer support team, available to speak to or email if you ever need any help. Make your life easier and never worry about a printer jam again.

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