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Are you looking for a scanning partner to help manage your inbound customer communications?

Do you need to improve your inbound document process, to digitise documents that your customers are sending to you?

By combining your outbound channel delivery with CFH Inbound we can help you understand, analyse and improve your customer responses.

CFH INBOUND - The final piece of your communication puzzle.

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Intelligent capture of data from your inbound documents.

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Using all inbound channels, including print and electronic.

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Simple and effective onboarding and mobilisation.

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Add tracking to outbound mail to achieve the desired inbound results.

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Get better responses and higher engagement from your audience.

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CFH Inbound

Your inbound scanning and data capture solution.

What is Inbound Mail?

Inbound mail allows CFH to receive, sort, and distribute your inbound documents, through a seamless work flow.

We manage the end to end service from your outbound mail right through to the collection and analysis of data from your inbound documents. 

It helps organisations streamline their mail processes, reduce costs, and improve their overall efficiency. Our Inbound service allows physical and electronic documents to be scanned and converted into a digital format that can be easily processed for you.

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Our intelligent document processing allows your inbound mail to be processed with skilled reading and extraction of document data.  This gives you the ability to then make decisions reflecting the way your customers process your documents.

CFH Inbound scanning facility provides innovative, scalable and cost-effective solutions that will remove the inbound document management from your business and allows you to develop truly automated services.

This can include intelligent document processing and data capture, scanning, indexing and archive of inbound physical Mail, scanning and indexing and archive of inbound e-correspondence captured from website submissions and email.

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With advanced insight and data analysis, CFH will provide you with analytics at your fingertips. As the communication experts, let us share our knowledge and expertise with you.

Traditional capture solutions rely on simple character recognition, templates, rules-based document processing, and basic data extraction and validation capabilities.

CFH Inbound is unique, with the addition of machine learning and natural language processing delivered as pre-trained document skill models. Modern Intelligent Document Processing offers skilled reading and extraction of document data, with the ability to make smart real time decisions on the next steps.

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Have you ever wondered how Artificial intelligence can be used to help your organisation?

With CFH Inbound, you can have full access to our fully automated AI system, which processes documents and captures data of all kinds, this can be machine printed documents, hand written letters, barcodes and signatures and check boxes.

Machine learning and automated processing can be configured for standard invoices, purchase orders, receipts, bills, claims, whatever you need – all allowing an easier implementation and quicker return on investment for you.

Measure and analyse the performance of all your communications and unlock the full potential of your document process automation.

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