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Penny Post Credit Union communications

Penny Post Credit Union


Penny Post Credit Union is a not for profit organisation run for the benefit of its members.

Formed in 1996 as a joint project between Royal Mail, the Communications Workers Union (CWU), the Communication and Managers' Association and Welfare Services, Penny Post provides savings, loans and financial services to members across the UK. Membership is open to Royal Mail Group, Parcelforce Worldwide and Post Office employees and their families.

The challenge

Dedicated to providing members with the very best services, Penny Post drives engagement with their audiences through a variety of media channels including social media, email, website updates and post. Communications are sent out regularly to keep members up to date with activities and offers, helping to keep members engaged and also drive the borrowing and savings schemes within the organisation.

Serving members who work for Royal Mail, means Penny Post recognisespost as a key channel for communications. They send out bulk annual communications- via post to their members including Annual Statements and notification of their Annual General Meeting.

Previously the process of sending postal communications was managed internally; an army of volunteers would manage the printing, stuffing and posting element of the mailings. Despite being located at a mail sortation house, the process was challenging and was a timely activity for the volunteers.

The process became increasingly challenging during the first COVID-19 national lockdown when remote working was introduced, denying access to the offices for both employees and volunteers. These postal communications were a key media touch point for their end audience, which led to the Penny Post looking for an alternative solution that could manage this process whilst being based remotely.

The communication solution required needed to be flexible, time sensitive and easy to manage so that they could continue serving their members throughout the challenging time.


After being recommended to CFH Docmail Limited by other credit unions, Louise Ingleby, Chief Financial Officer and Tracy Moore, Project and Operations Officer, from Penny Post and Shelley Hawkins, Business Development Manager of CFH Docmail, began discussing Penny Post’s communication requirements after initially engaging at the ABCUL Virtual Conference. By working together, along with Andrea Broady, Penny Post’s Chief Marketing Officer, they were able to identify the challenges and requirements of Penny Post to find a solution that worked best for them.

CFH Docmail were able to meet their requirements, via a hybrid mail solution, Docmail, that is easy to manage, secure and ideal for both office and remote based workers with its online access. The solution met the requirements of Penny Post and was able to be implemented instantly, allowing them to continue sending post when it matters.

Docmail gives Penny Post full control of their postal communications. The process is simple to manage via the online portal with Docmail providing a simple step by step guide to complete the mailing. Docmail provides a cost effective, secure and efficient alternative to managing bulk communication requirements as well as allowing the users to view the communications that are sent beforehand with the proofing system.

During the onboarding phase, Penny Post were provided with full training and support by Serena Schofield, Client Relationship Manager at CFH, so that a complete overview of the system was seen including the additional elements within the solution. The training offered enabled Penny Post to ask questions and learn the process with a hands on approach. Additional support is always available if the users have any questions during the mailing process, with a dedicated customer support team, ensuring that mailings are always sent without delays.

Since utilising the hybrid mail service, Penny Post have sent two mailings through the system including a regulatory letter mailing and a postcard marketing promotion, postcards being one of the options available within the systems as well as greetings cards. The response to mailings so far have been pleasing, with members attending the AGM and engaging with the organisation.

The system is currently being used to send all postal bulk communications and Penny Post will shortly be introducing Docmail’s Print Driver solution for their daily communications to help streamline their postal communication further, with the management of everything in one account.

Key learnings and results

Despite trialling a hybrid mail solution with an alternative supplier, CFH’s solution Docmail provides Penny Post with the perfect communication service that has generated powerful results both internally and externally.

It has not only provided a short-term solution to help manage communication but opened up new possibilities of the types of communication that can be sent. The partnership has allowed Penny Post to improve the service they offer to their members, with improved processes and reinvestment into other areas through both time and cost savings.

By working with a trusted communication partner and having dedicated support from Shelley and Serena, Penny Post’s communications have remained time sensitive and Docmail has enabled post to remain a key element within Penny Post’s communication strategy allowing them to support their members in a way that suits them best.

CFH and Penny Post’s relationship that has grown from strength from strength, allowing them to explore how post can help raise engagement with their members in alternative ways all whilst remaining a member centric organisation.

Hybrid Mail

We’re very pleased with the service, help and support provided by Docmail so far. Shelley and Serena are extremely helpful and have worked with us to find the best solution to meet our needs. The online portal is user friendly and we’re confident that the time and cost benefits will improve our service to members going forward

Andrea Broady

Hybrid Mail communications

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