Are you looking for the perfect print, mail and digital communications partner to improve your patient engagement?

A relationship where the supplier can help you manage the creation and delivery of successful communications, offer peace of mind and security whilst reducing your hard costs?

At CFH Docmail, we’ve been working with NHS Trusts to engage with patients in a cost-effective, secure and streamlined way. We are an accredited, trusted leader for communications on every channel, delivering communication excellence through industry expertise, secure frameworks and best practices.

We understand the great responsibility you have to deliver effective communications to your patients, providing them with their vitally needed services.

With the pressures of restricted budgets, cyber security, accessibility, compliance and trying to hit your targets, we know the landscape is ever-changing. Let us help you to navigate these difficult times and deliver fantastic results.

We understand

With our extensive experience sending outpatient appointment letters, result letters, reminders, screening and clinical correspondence, we deliver to your deadlines every time. Delays are not an option.

Letters, maps, patient information leaflets, follow ups and reminders, CFH appreciates what you personally need to achieve and understands your trust’s objectives.

Many companies can print a letter and post it for you, at CFH we fully appreciate the complex needs of your patients and how important it is to get the best outcomes for your trust and reduce DNAs.

Operational Delivery Unit at Leicester NHS Trust

Health communications

The move to CFH Docmail has been transforming - The £170k a year we have saved has only been on hard costs like paper, ink and post -  the real saving when you take into consideration staff time and the reduction in inefficiencies is much greater.

The quality improvement both in terms of presentation and patient support has been considerable.

NHS Trust hybrid communications

Together we create the perfect blend of communications to reach your Trust’s requirements, whether that’s with our managed hybrid communication or hybrid mail, we have solutions designed to reach your goals on every level. And that’s not all we offer dedicated account management, proven experience, expert onboarding and customisable communications which we’ll combine with best practice methodology and industry-leading tools to deliver a unique experience that engages your patients every time.

NHS best practice

With more than 4000 health providers in the UK choosing CFH, you would be in good company and in safe hands. Let us make the commitment together to improve your patient’s experience.

We will give you year-round continuous support, with full access to our in-house medical team of experts who demonstrate competence with compassion. We are the chosen and trusted partner of many NHS software providers, including digital dictation, clinical systems and community healthcare providers.

We also like to go that extra mile by pulling together communication and industry news, best practice, insights and eBooks to help you stay up to date and find new ways to engage with your patients.

North West e-Health Chief Executive

Hybrid communications for the NHS

We’re very excited that recruitment for the CLASSIC study is now over target. Working with Docmail, we look forward to providing streamlined recruitment for many more studies in the future..

NHS Trust patient communications

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Working together

Increasingly we are supporting NHS trust departments in the process of transition from an in-house to an outsourced service. Or those just at the beginning of their digital transformation journey.

Most importantly (and vital for budget conscious trusts) we’ll work with you to help you achieve and improve your targeted outcomes within the security of a service that is fully GDPR compliant; the most highly accredited for security in the UK, easy to use and powered by the best technology available.

This allows you to provide a world class service, ensuring the best value whilst enabling you to achieve the highest level of patient engagement.

Need more information?

To find out more about how we can support your patient communications, please get in touch and one of our industry experts will be happy to help.