If you are a health care provider, perhaps a dentist, optician, veterinary practice or private care company, we would love to share our patient communication best practice with you.

With over 4000 healthcare providers in the UK already benefitting from improved patient communications, come and join the success.

Our secure, easy to use virtual print toolkit, allows you to create multi-channel communications for your customers, at the click of a button. From your recall, reminders, statements and invoices, no volume is too small to save your organisation money and more importantly, valuable staff time.

With options for full integration with your own systems, a suite of communication channels can be available at your fingertips.

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We understand

There isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ solution. Our team of experts will analyse your business needs and tailor the approach to suit your requirements. From traditional print, hybrid mail to multi-channel solutions, we have the toolkit needed for you to deliver efficiencies across every department.

If it’s letters, text messages or secure e-delivery, we appreciate the importance of value for money to allow you to continually strive to provide a high-quality service to your customers.

Many companies can print a letter and post it for you, but we understand that it’s vital to give your customers a choice on how they would like to be communicated too. With a diverse population, and changing requirements we recognise the need to provide a multi-channel communications platform, to achieve the best outcomes for your organisation.

Best practice

You can have full access to our in-house service and onboarding team who are experts in integrations and communication platforms. We offer a free of charge document audit, where we carry out a scoping session, then share with you where improvements and savings can be made across your organisation.

We are the chosen and trusted partner of many market leading software providers, and work across all of the health care sectors. Perhaps the software you use already integrates with CFH Docmail?

You can look out for our team at many health sector events across the UK, come and say hello, they will even give you a free tree to plant in your garden at home. This compliments our environmental objectives to replace the paper that is used in our processes.


Increasingly we are supporting healthcare providers in the process of transition from an inhouse to an outsourced service or that are just at the beginning of their digital transformation journey.

Most importantly (and vital for budget conscious organisations) we’ll work with you to help you achieve and improve your targeted outcomes within the security of a service that is fully GDPR compliant; the most highly accredited for security in the UK, powered by the best technology available and with access to free consultancy from experts in every department.

Let us work together to provide a high quality, secure and environmentally friendly service of choice for your customers.

Need more information?

To find out more about how we can support your patient communications, please get in touch and one of our industry experts will be happy to help.