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Oakbrook Finance is a specialist consumer lending organisation, with a dedicated goal to connect consumers that want to borrow, and investors that want to lend.

With a continuous need to send out regulatory notifications, such as required disclosures and notices, the FCA-regulated business had a specific set of requirements for these mail communications. CFH was identified as the perfect partner for ensuring these mail packs were meeting compliance needs, as well as arriving in a timely and efficient manner.

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The Brief

Summarising their services with the tagline ‘changing lending for the better’, Oakbrook Finance offer loan services to customers in the near and non-prime sectors. With a regular need to send out disclosures and notices via post, the Nottingham-based consumer finance organisation are responsible for contacting and receiving payments from business clients nationwide.

With mail, the most effective communication channel to ensure legal compliance within the finance industry, a more streamlined and efficient way of sending out post was required. There was also a requirement for this output to remain cost-effective, arrive on time and for the solution to be secure from end to end.

As the company endeavoured to find a solution relevant to their circumstances, to meet the needs of the sensitivity of their communications, CFH was identified as the ideal partner of choice to work with directly - to send and manage all postal communications to their clients.

The Solution

Following a consultation and detailed discussion on their specific communication needs, Oakbrook Finance partnered with CFH due to their existing standing within the sector, as well as the numerous services on offer.

CFH already had an established reputation among finance clients for providing secure, scalable communications, and with numerous satisfied clients already benefitting from dedicated hybrid mail or print and post options, Oakbrook was reassured by an existing track record of success.

Early on, it was identified that Oakbrook Finance would benefit from two of CFH’s leading solutions that enabled them to manage bulk and individual mailing requirements.

CFH Managed was adopted for the sending of bulk mailings through a secure SFTP connection. It utilises CFH’s secure IT print process and streamlines the sending of communications, with the support of a dedicated account manager who ensures mailings are received, processed and sent per the client's requirements. This solution fulfilled the requirement for sending out disclosures and notices for the outcome-driven communications of Oakbrook Finance.

On the other hand, Docmail - an industry-leading hybrid mail solution, was adopted as the ideal option for everyday communication requirements. This solution places a high level of importance on compliance, security, regulatory legislative standards and GDPR, meaning that it is ready-made for use within the sector. Benefits included a streamlined mail process and significant cost savings. Ultimately, the solution acts as a print and mail factory that is accessed online, which allows organisations to send print and posted documents instantly, while providing on-demand reporting and budget control.

Together, the solutions work cohesively to support mailing requirements and help deliver engaging communications to different audiences.

The Process

Upon introducing Oakbrook Finance to their new and functional mail solution, their team was provided with extensive training, which showcased the benefits and functionality of Docmail. This training, overseen by a dedicated account manager, gave individuals the chance to ask questions, have hands-on experience with the system, and ultimately understand how their outgoing communications could be seamlessly personalised, printed and sent.

To effectively use the Docmail solution, Oakbrook Finance accesses the online web portal, providing a streamlined method of sending print and posted documents. The solution works with existing processes and allows the organisation to upload their document and data file to a hybrid mail platform, before choosing their postage option for processing.

Opting for CFH Managed, Oakbrook were able to benefit from the implementation of a bespoke solution, which completely removed the need for in-house resources, equipment, and maintenance. Taking on the responsibility of print output, CFH were happy to oversee everything from business analysis, project management and solution design, through to implementation, delivery, account management and results optimisation, ensuring the client’s internal systems integrated with new processes.

CFH Managed allows Oakbrook to send pre-populated templates with their data file through to CFH via a secure SFTP connection, where CFH then processes and dispatches the output through their impressive IT print production. The process is effortless, quick and works with existing processes - with proofs provided at request.

Following the implementation of these tailored solutions, regular communications continued to take place to ensure the client was satisfied regarding their print output, with their account manager available around the clock to offer assistance.

The results

Over half a decade, CFH has continued to work with Oakbrook Finance, setting in place a flexible and efficient way for the organisation to communicate their crucial regulatory mailings.

With the relationship developing throughout this period, Oakbrook know that they can trust CFH for any mail campaigns, and with a dedicated account manager set in place, they always have a point of contact to consult. Praising the positivity of the relationships they have built up, as well as improved response times to mailings, every pack is now sent on time, to the right person, with minimal disruption.

Since the beginning of the relationship, CFH has sent over 7000 separate mailings and over 600,000 individual documents on behalf of Oakbrook Finance - with this number set to increase as the partnership continues to grow.

Oakbrook Finance is enthusiastic about working with CFH in the future, anticipating further developments to the existing relationship. The power of the letter will remain vital in this sector, while the consumer lending organisation are also keen to explore possibilities such as API integration to enhance efficiency in regulatory communications. CFH would be delighted to support them with this endeavour.

Through the last 5 years of working with CFH, we’ve used both their Managed Service and Docmail options, with fantastic results along the way. Operating within the consumer lending industry, we were keen to work with a mail provider that understands the demands of the sector, and we’ve been delighted with the way in which CFH have supported us.

Currently experiencing growth as a company, we imagine that our relationship with CFH will only continue to develop, as sending postal letters remains vital to us for regulatory and compliance purposes. We would recommend Docmail and CFH Managed Services to anyone within the finance industry, as CFH has demonstrated a proactive, informative, and forward-thinking approach to our client communications, helping us achieve our goals and engage with our different audiences.

Head of Customer Service,
Oakbrook Finance

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