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As the chosen managed communications partner for over 10 years, CFH Docmail supports Melton Council in the successful delivery of over 25,000 annual billing demand notices in March 2024.

Based in northeast Leicestershire, Melton Council provide district level services to over 50,000 residents within their local area. 

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The services that Melton Council offer include the management and processing of revenues and benefits within the area, including the communications that form part of this.

Working with CFH since 2011 in the delivery of their revenues and benefit demand notices, Melton Council knew everything was in hand as the 2024 revenues and benefits period fast approached.



For the sending and management of revenues and benefits demand notices, CFH offer a managed service solution whereby communications are securely produced and delivered in bulk through an IT print process.

The solution allows organisations to send their print ready documents or templates, along with their databases to CFH for processing, before dispatching as per the agreed SLA requirements. The whole process is supported by a dedicated account manager and involves every part of the business from production, account management, projects, sales support and business analysis. 

The Process

As part of the annual billing process at CFH, a scoping requirements meeting is scheduled between Melton Council, Nicki Newburn the sales support representative and the dedicated account managers Carly Green and Kelly Book, to discuss the requirements of the 2024 revenues and benefits project. In addition to the meeting, a questionnaire is issued to capture any further details and clarify everything discussed.

As long-standing customers, CFH has a strong understanding of Melton’s requirements through year-round conversations and support as well as previous experience in managing this process. This means that the scoping meeting and questionnaires are often pre-completed with only amends and changes to be discussed, which often surround volumes, inserts and regulatory requirements. A timeline of the process is then end created for both organisations to work towards.

Following the meeting, CFH supply previous templates for Melton to review and change accordingly and re-supply for CFH to then process. This includes ensuring that the document is in a print-ready format and can process through the IT managed print software. As per the SLA, Melton supply the resident data through a secure SFTP, which along with the document template is processed securely and dispatched against the deadlines.

The 2024 annual billing demand notices were accompanied by an electoral informational sheet following the impending elections in their area as well as waste management information that are pre-printed for the process. In previous years other leaflets, including an annual billing informational sheet.

In addition, a branded PPM envelope (non-windowed enveloped) was utilised to advertise MyAccount billing, NDR and social channels.

Throughout the whole process the dedicated account managers are on hand to ensure the smooth processing of documents and to answer any questions that occur.

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The results

By working with CFH, Melton Council has a seamless process for sending council tax and benefit bills to their residents. In total, CFH dispatched over 25,000 bills for Melton Council in 2024 meeting their SLA requirements and ensuring that everything was delivered within the 10-day notice period required before direct debits can be taken.

The ability to personalise the envelope helps provide additional branding, promote new or changing services and ensure that the letter stands out when delivered for increased resident engagement and response.

The long-standing relationship between the two organisations means that there is a mutual understanding of their requirements and that deadlines are continuously met. It also means that the process is easy and if any additional requirements are required CFH can provide alternative solutions and support.

The account managers are always on hand to provide updates and support in a timely manner as well as provide Melton with guidance on each year’s campaign. The council feel supported throughout the process and excellent communication is at the heart of this.

CFH are reliable, knowledgeable and provides a positive service for the delivery of the revenues and benefits campaign. Throughout the 10-year relationship, CFH has sent over 340,455 letters on behalf of Melton Council, helping drive engagement and inform residents with important information.

Letters will continue to be a vital communication choice for Melton Council's revenues and benefits campaign to support resident preferences, providing accessible communications and meet deadlines for payment schedules.

CFH are a reliable and knowledgeable communications provider, who continuously meet our requirements year on year for our annual billing campaigns. They provide year-round support and ensure that everything is in place for a smooth process and for deadlines to be met.

The long-standing partnership means that we now rely on each other for the successful delivery of our revenues and benefits demand notices. The teams are responsive and are always on hand to help.

We value our partnership with CFH and the service that they offer, without which our annual billing period would not succeed.

Senior Revenues Officer,
Menston Council

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