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CFH Managed & Hybrid Mail Case study

CFH communication solutions transforms council print and mail for annual, daily and ad-hoc communications.

With a requirement to send 180,000 council tax bills as well as department every day communications, the former Poole Borough Council led a procurement exercise to facilitate the sourcing of a new revenues and benefits supplier.

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The Brief

Through a tender process, they sought a communications supplier that was secure, trusted and enabled the smooth transition of services. In addition, the provider needed supporting solutions to facilitate other communication requirements managed at department levels so that all communications were consolidated into one supplier.

In 2019, the council now spilt into two unitary authorities (Dorset and BCP) awarded CFH the tender because of their best-in-class solutions and a proven track record.

The new contract needed to be implemented by the next annual billing campaign and drive cost savings for the councils, to meet public expenditure targets.

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The solution

Two solutions were utilised to fulfill the requirements of the tender. CFH Managed for bulk and daily billing and Docmail hybrid mail for every-day departmental communications.

CFH Managed is a secure IT print process, supported by a dedicated account manager and extensive production capabilities. The solution enables organisations to send thousands of documents, per their requirements, with complete control straight to their audiences. The process is controlled by print experts and supports organisations in reaching their audiences in a timely, error-free way.

Docmail hybrid mail is a secure, easy to use, self-serve solution that allows users to send printed communications straight from their desktop to their residents. The solution streamlines the process of sending individual and small bulk printed mail, providing an account of communications sent.

With in-person and online meetings, CFH and Dorset scoped out their annual billing communication process and how CFH Managed would support their requirements. This included the allocation of a CFH account manager, who ensured the implementation was successful and communications were sent accurately and on time.

CFH Communications

The process

CFH Managed consisted of sending document templates and resident data, through a secure SFTP connection ready to be processed through CFH’s impressive IT print capabilities. The process is effortless and allows for the revenues and benefits department to receive digital and physical proofs for sign off.

Their account manager is always on hand to answer any questions and ensure their annual billing campaign runs without errors and any issues are overcome with positive outcomes.

The first annual billing campaign ran by CFH for Dorset consisted of sending out over 180,000 council tax bills and has grown year on year since the start of the contract in 2018.

Additionally, CFH Docmail was rolled out within the department to help manage and send every day communication requirements. Expert training was provided by CFH’s teams, which provided the chance for any questions or queries to be answered.

The hybrid mail platform allows each department of the council to manage and send printed mail from their desktop, in a fraction of time compared to managing the process in house. The solution was pivotal for the council, especially the revenues and benefits team, during COVID as it provided communication flexibility and a way to engage with residents no matter where staff were based. The solution is now one that the department can no longer work without.

In addition, the hybrid mail platform has user controls applied, for individual access and security purposes.

To date the revenues and benefits team have sent out over 160,000 documents through the hybrid mail platform.

With both solutions CFH provide continuous support to ensure communications are sent to residents on time and when required.

The results

With yearly onsite meetings to review and improve processes, the partnership has grown rapidly, achieving goals and driving outcomes of the council. The partnership is relationship driven, with CFH becoming an extension to their department for their communications.

Dorset revenues and benefits team have reported significant cost savings in regards to printed output that can be driven straight to their bottom line. With decreasing year budgets, knowing that your supplier can meet your requirements every time, removes the stress of the whole process.

The two solutions offer communication with confidence, with assurance from knowledgeable and trusted teams.

With timely mailings that portray the council positively, through accurate and quality print, communications are received well with residents and inbound questions are reduced to the council.

The two solutions together provide the department with impressive time savings with seamless communication processes and enables them to engage via letter with all resident demographics, including those who are harder to reach.

To date the department has sent out over 3 million documents through CFH’s print mail solutions, with other departments now utilising CFH solutions for their resident communications.

The CFH team are friendly, professional, and trustworthy. They work hard for us and ensure our council tax bills and Benefit notification letters are sent accurately and on-time to our residents.

We have a great relationship, with CFH understanding our requirements and always fulfilling our needs.

Pat Lane,
Dorset council

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