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Jun 07 2024

Document Output Management Solutions: A new way to print and post

By Courtney-Jade Mather, Marketing and Events Co-ordinator

Document output management offers a solution for businesses looking to streamline their communication processes. It provides a secure, on-premise alternative to managing and printing communications.

The solution can be managed and accessed within the organisation's own network, minimising the risks associated with external data breaches or unauthorised access.

Think of it as having your own personalised print and mail facility, granting you control over all of your documents, around the clock. Your print requests (which are the documents you wish to be printed) seamlessly flow to the system from either your users or in-house software applications, visible in an intuitive dashboard, giving you full control.

Document management services offer a centralised approach where the management of your communications is customised to meet your specific organisational needs, which means it’s fully adaptable.


1. Send your print requests

Document management solutions offer you various ways to send your print requests.

  • Individual or mail merge documents from Microsoft Word using a virtual print driver that is downloaded to your PC
  • Upload PDFs directly into the dashboard or via the print driver
  • For daily regular output from programs and applications used within your organisation, they can be automatically sent using a file agent

2.  The system validates the documents

The document output management solution checks your letters are suitable for printing through their validation process. The intelligent validation can be configured to check your document against defined criteria, like the paper type, document size, orientation or number of sheets. Delay time periods can be configured to allow for any management approval.

3. Documents are printed

Documents are then securely sent to the supplier who is providing the documents management system, for printing and posting.

4. Manage your print requests in the dashboard

The user-friendly dashboard allows your department administrators or individual users to have full control of their print output at every stage of the process.

For each job, it displays the unique job number, the filename or document title, the recipient’s name and postcode, the user or document owner, the job status and the job type. It also allows you to take action, which can be to view the document or details of the job and cancel or delete it.



Hybrid Mail


Document Output Management Solutions

An online platform

On your business’s server

Accessed via the suppliers’ website or by using the downloadable virtual printer

Accessed via the downloadable virtual printer, file agent or dashboard on your own network

Validate documents yourself by proofing at the final stage of your order

The system validates your documents for you

A generic, self-service solution

A solution catered to your business’s requirements

Once your mailings are submitted, you are unable to cancel them yourself (but you can call the support team!)

Dashboard to pause and configure mailings

Only offers varied paper types per item (eg. letters are one type, postcards another)

Offers varied paper types that are configured during set-up


Full control of your communications - A document output management solution typically includes an intuitive dashboard and robust management information tools, enabling users to efficiently track and monitor document workflows. This allows for greater visibility and control over the document lifecycle, from creation and editing to distribution and archiving.

Secure - Having a document management solution on your infrastructure not only gives you the security you need for your customer data, but its usage of an active directory ensures you are in control of user access. Your organisation controls access to the printers, the dashboard and the reporting. It uses encryption throughout the data journey to ensure the secure transfer of data, so you can be assured that your data is safe.

Automation to save time - The automation option delivers hands-off capabilities, saving valuable time and resources.

Enhanced delivery options – The solution can offer special delivery capabilities, whereby the Royal Mail tracking code can be available in the dashboard.

Powerful reporting – The reporting dashboard provides the ability to view real-time data, which can be downloaded for further analysis and management information. This can be configured based on user activity, recipient information, providing control and activity data for you.

Cost savings – The solution drives money efficiencies by removing the need to print documents in-house as there’s no longer a need to buy and hold stock, such as paper, envelopes and ink, on site. You can also receive additional financial savings by benefitting from a supplier’s reduced postage rates, which are inaccessible if you print and post documents yourself.

Having the ability to monitor and manage all of the documents processed via the dashboard, across many departments or teams, will give you additional greater control of activity and spend.


Docbox is CFH’s unique secure on-premise document output management solution. There isn’t any other communication software quite like it when it comes to exceeding your secure print and post expectations.

It’s not just a tool; it’s a strategic asset that empowers organisations to take command of their document output with unparalleled precision and security. By integrating this solution, businesses can expect a significant reduction in operational costs, a boost in productivity through automation, and the assurance of data security, all while maintaining full control over their printing and posting needs.

Get in touch to find out how the solution can be used to enhance your business communications.

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