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Jan 04 2024

CFH, in partnership with Utility Week, explains restoring trust in utilities using multi-channel comms: A guide

Utility Week communications

With trust in utilities low and consumers across the country struggling, a combination of digital and print communications can assist vulnerable customers, restore relationships, and reduce bad debt.

Restoring trust is especially important amid a cost-of-living crisis and soaring energy bills, where supporting vulnerable customers has never been more important. And there is increasing public and regulatory pressure on utilities to provide nuanced services and communications that are sensitive to personal circumstances and the needs of individuals.

“Good customer service is important for all consumers, but it can make a critical difference to welfare and the safety of the most vulnerable,” says Neil Lawrence, director at Ofgem. “While we have seen good practice from some suppliers, we expect every company to raise the bar to provide a consistent service that customers can rely on.”

CFH Docmail, in partnership with Utility Week Intelligence, explains how this can be achieved with the support of communication experts and hybrid communications.

In the report you will discover:

  • The Consumer Duty: Targeting poor customer outcomes

  • Why digital isn’t everything: The power of print

  • Making communications accessible and helping struggling families

  • The versatility of print

  • Proven results from our customers

To find out more download our full white paper below.


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