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Nov 05 2023

Download our White Paper; Achieving Communication Targets in Line With Consumer Duty

Finance Consumer Duty

The automotive sector is one of the fastest-growing markets in the UK but faces major challenges including providing greater transparency and meeting net-zero targets.

With 84% of all new vehicle sales relying on the assistance of finance, Motor Finance companies are under pressure to engage effectively with different audiences.

Find out how communication processes are evolving in line with the new FCA Consumer Duty principle, with our latest white paper offering best practice advice on delivering consumer choice. You’ll discover:

  • What is the Consumer Duty principle & how it impacts you.

  • The continuing evolution of communication processes.

  • How organisations are future-proofing communications with audience choice.

  • The targets of the automotive finance sector.

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The FCA Consumer Duty Principle came into force in July 2023 and requires companies to go beyond merely compliance to ensure their customers’ needs are prioritised.

Retail organisations are actively reviewing communication processes and how they drive engagement to ensure they can evidence positive communication touch points and delivery of ‘good outcomes.’

Firms are now expected to:

  • Provide helpful and accessible customer support.

  • Deliver clear, concise, and timely information.

  • Ensure the products and services supplied are relevant, and right, for the audience.

  • Provide products and services that are of fair value regarding cost.

  • Consider every individual on a singular basis, to deliver what they need.

To find out how these requirements can be achieved and more about delivering the right communications to the right people, download our latest white paper.

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