Would you like to be part of CFH’s revenues and benefits exclusive service, designed for revenues and benefits managers? Are you looking for the perfect partner for your revenues and benefits printing, someone who really understands the pressures you have and what you need to deliver?

For billing, rent, rates, and your critical annual billing programme, at CFH we will be pleased to welcome you to have full access to our Revenues and Benefits select service. You do revenues and benefits, we do communications, let’s be the perfect team.

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We understand your sector

We will give you full year-round continuous support, with unlimited access to our team of experts. Let us help you provide a first-class communication service to your residents, protect your budgets and support you on your digital transformation journey. CFH is the trusted partner of the IRRV, keeping you at the forefront of your industry news.

Part of your team: Our experienced revenues and benefits team will work with you to deliver the results you need.

Multichannel communications: It’s a seamless combination of physical and digital messaging that will ensure better engagement with your audience.

Optimise your process:  It’s never been more important to ensure your processes are optimised to improve outcomes and remove some of the unnecessary pressure on resources.

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Did you know more than 40% of councils in the UK have already chosen CFH as their partner of choice. Are you ready to be part of our exclusive revenues and benefits club?

With many years of experience supporting our council clients in the delivery of their resident communications, our expertise and sector understanding has resulted in UK councils trusting CFH to deliver this critical service for them.

At CFH we understand public sector organisations are finding themselves increasingly under pressure to not only deliver the very best services to their audiences, but to achieve efficiency savings and justify their public expenditure.

We understand the pressures revenues and benefits departments face, with council tax bills being time critical important documentation, while also providing a large source of revenue for your council.


Choosing CFH can make a real difference to your authority. Our unique revenues and benefits service help you to optimise your processes, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

CFH allows you to get more for less. We will re-engineer your budget, by taking advantage of our buying power and benefitting from our economies of scale. All of our solutions sit within approved government frameworks of compliance, security, regulatory legislative standards and GDPR, so that you can be assured your communications are delivered the right way, at the right time to drive the best response.

We fully understand what it feels like to be in your shoes and the great responsibility you have to collect revenue for the vitally needed services across our communities.


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Our elite package of products and services provide bespoke solutions designed around your needs to create valuable connections with your residents. From managed communications, hybrid mail, e-delivery and secure data transfer, no matter your goals, we can help you achieve them by offering you the perfect blend of solutions.

Whether you are looking for an annual billing or daily billing supplier, have a requirement to send summons or NDR’s, we can look after every aspect of the revenues and benefits process. Our industry knowledge, expertise and understanding of best practice can help you deliver the right communications, every time.

With our focus on sustainability, social value and accessibility, you really are in a safe pair of hands with CFH. Talk to our revenues and benefits specialist team today…

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Our clients are at the heart of what we do and it’s you that has driven us to create a range of innovative solutions that deliver meaningful communications.


Don’t just take it from us! We’ve helped many revenues and benefits teams transform their communications. Take a look at how we did it below:

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