Are you looking for the perfect print, mail and communications partner - not just for annual billing?

...a relationship where you can enjoy a good nights’ sleep during your critical campaigns?

We fully understand what it feels like to be in your shoes and the great responsibility you have to collect revenue for the vitally needed services across our communities.

Let us help you provide a first-class communication service to your residents, protect your budgets and start the migration to digital transformation. Over a quarter of the UK councils trust CFH to deliver this critical service for them: would you like to be part of this exciting journey?

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We understand

With your moving goals and targets, we need to deliver to your deadlines, every time. Delays are not an option. You set the levels, we take care of everything else.

Whether it's bills or benefits, cost saving and targets, we're clear about what needs to be achieved. You spoke, we listened, we learnt, now let’s embrace the journey together.

Many companies can print a letter and post it for you, but at CFH we fully appreciate the complex revenues and benefits process and how important your job is to your council.

Braintree District Council

council communications

The CFH team are incredibly professional we just supply them with the data delimited file and they ensure that the correct figures appear in the right place on every bill.

I’ve had experience of working with other providers but this is the one team I would recommend if you want to sleep at night. They take responsibility from start to finish.

Effective Business Communications

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Best practice

With over 40 years of experience, and more than a quarter of the local authorities in the UK choosing CFH, you would be in good company and in safe hands. Let us be your innovative forward-thinking partner today, tomorrow and beyond.

We will give you year-round continuous support, with full access to our crack team of experts, the chosen and trusted partners of the IRRV.

We host 'best practice' events across the country, come along to one of our seminars, which provide valuable sector information and IRRV updates. Enhance your professional development completely free of charge.


Increasingly we are supporting councils in the process of timely transition from an inhouse to an outsourced service or are beginning the journey of digital transformation.

Most importantly (and vital for budget conscious councils) we’ll work with you to help you achieve and improve your targeted outcomes within the security of a service that is fully GDPR compliant; the most highly accredited for security in the UK, powered by the best technology available and with access to free consultancy from experts in every department.

This allows you to provide a world class service to your residents, ensuring best value whilst juggling the ever-evolving legislative changes.

Wandsworth and Richmound Councils

council communications

I’ve only ever experienced first class customer care from the CFH team. They keep me fully updated on the progress of every job.

CFH understand exactly what’s required and always meet deadlines. They are the only print and post partner that we use cross councils that is able to provide a complete archiving service of every document.

Easy hybrid communications

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To find out more about how we can support your resident communications, please get in touch and one of our industry experts will be happy to help.