Are you a financial organisation looking to meet regulative requirements, timelines and standards? Do you need to build customer trust while driving engagement? Are you looking to communicate with customers early, before they hit financial difficulties? Do you need to reach vulnerable cohorts?

From credit management to lending, insurance, motor finance and utilities, you can be proactive instead of reactive by having full access to our multi-channel communications approach. Print, post, digital delivery - we have a range of products and solutions so that you can effectively target your customers and achieve your goals.

Last year we helped:

whitepaper solutions

Produced over 40 million physical financial documents

secure statement printing

Sent over 500,000 digital documents

bank giro credits

Worked with over 750 financial organisations


We will give you year-round continuous support, with unlimited access to our team of experts. Let us help you provide a first-class communication service to build positive relationships with your customers and drive better outcomes.

Credit management

With the challenge of reaching your wide array of clients in a way that suits them, offering channel choice with a multi-channel communications provider is key. Combined with the need for solutions to offer data-driven insights so that you can continue to make the best choices for your customers, while consistently having to meet regulatory changes, partnering with an experienced provider can ensure you are able to achieve just that.

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Legislative changes mean that loan offerings must now align with the customer so that they are able to pay it back in a feasible way. Ensuring your communications are received at the right time, in the right way, can help you understand your customers, their requirements and how you best support them. We can help you achieve this so that you can build a successful partnership with all of your customers.

CFH Communications

Motor finance

Motor finance companies find themselves looking for better ways to serve new and current customers. With the impact of consumer duty on the communications you send, the way you drive engagement is being considered at every level, to ensure your communications are responsible and serve a purpose. To do this you will require a range of solutions to ensure your customers are continually served in a way that best suits them. This is something we are proud to offer.

Business Communications
housing communications


With multiple offerings, you will want to maximise your communications so that you can multi-sell. Having various touchpoints with your members increases your chances of selling a range of insurance offerings and keeping customers up to date with their different policies. We can help you to ask for information updates in a way that drives engagement and responses.


A large focus for your organisation will be to rebuild customer trust and restore relationships. This can be done through customer centric communications, that enable you to reach vulnerable cohorts, offer communication accessibility and engage with your different audiences. We can help you achieve just this by transforming the way you send and manage your customer communications.

Utility Communications CFH


We understand that when it comes to the financial sector, it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. Combining the right technology with optimal strategy and processes, you will be presented with a communication offering bespoke to your requirements and goals. It will include the perfect blend of solutions so that you can address your audiences in the right way.

From hybrid mail to digital delivery, inbound, outbound, workflows, emails and everything else in between at CFH we are able to support you and your requirements at every turn. Whether you’re sending annual or ad-hoc communications, such as statements, bills, policy documents, renewals and reminders, our offering will encompass every element of your customer communications.

We’ll help you understand your options and improve how you communicate. From onboarding to delivery, we work with you to become your partner for smarter communications.

Partnering with CFH can offer a range of benefits


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Streamlined process
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The best outcomes
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Save money
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All of our solutions sit within approved frameworks of compliance, security, regulatory and legislative standards and GDPR, so that you can be assured your communications are being received, managed and processed in the best way possible.

We are certified to ISO 27001 Information Security Management System, ISO 9001 Quality Management, Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus. You can be assured your documents are delivered the right way, at the right time, to drive the best response.

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