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We’ve been offering security print solutions for over 45 years. We are leaders in this industry, expertly delivering secure print products including cheques, certificates, tickets and secure print documents with a range of special features and paper substrates to keep your documents safe.

Whether you are a financial institution, examination board, training provider or election department, we can help you with innovative security printing to provide you with secure communications preventing counterfeiting or unauthorised copying.

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100 million cheques produced
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20 million certificates printed
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C&CCC accredited for over 20 years
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100 tonnes of security paper per year
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Producing secure print since 1977
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We began as a specialist in cheque printing and pin numbers or mailers, supported by our first Standard 55 accreditation Cheque and Credit Clearing Company Limited and rapidly increased our expertise to other secure print products.

We’ve produced over 100 million cheques, printed 20 million certificates, used 100 tonnes of security paper per year and have in-house experts who together can perfect your printing and mailing requirements. 

Our heritage is how we became experts in security print, but our expertise means we have no limits. We understand the market requirements and how these continuously evolve – we are here to help.

Lithographic print


We provide a comprehensive range of secure print products including:

secure cheque printing
Personlised cheques
secure certificate printing
Security certificates
secure pin codes
Pin & activation codes
secure white paper solutions
Secure documents
bankers drafts
Banker drafts
bank giro credits
Giro credit notes
secure voucher printing
secure print on demand

These print capabilities can be enhanced with personalised letters and envelopes, integrated cards and labels, perforated edges, paper-wrap products and much more. The options are endless, so that you can send communications how you need to when you need to through a partner you can only benefit from.


Providing a range of security print features that can be designed and customised to suit your product requirements, we work with you to help maintain the integrity of your communications.

From numbering, voids, image survivable features and unique control numbers to foils, holograms, embossing and micro print our security printing solutions allow organisations to benefit from bespoke security features that represent them.

Supported further by a range of security inks including magnetic ink character recognition, invisible inks, solvent and thermosensitive inks, UV inks and fugitive, we can keep your documents and communications secure – the options really are endless.

These features help minimise fraudulent and counterfeit activities, by securing the document with one or many security print features that are unique to your organisation.

Lithographic print


Paper matters when it comes to security print solutions. Security printing combines leading security print capabilities, with specialised paper or substrate materials to provide durability and tamper prevention.

Through our industry relationships, we are able to offer a range of specialised security paper features including threads (microprinted, fluorescent and metallised), watermarks, verification systems, optical security features (fibres, a-dots, starlights, planchettes), chemical sensitization (acid, alkali, bleach, solvents, ink eradicator), ultraviolet specs and colours and CBS1 – Tie.

These tangible documents are sophisticated and market-leading, helping stay one step ahead in the industry, drive engagement and keep these vital communications at the best quality and most secure production.


We are industry experts. We work continuously to ensure we have the right accreditations and certifications so that we can provide you with the confidence that your data and secure print products are managed and produced to the highest quality. Whilst working within the securest internal framework we are accredited printers, certified by:

  •  Cheque and Credit Clearing Company Limited Standard 55 (C&CCC)
  •  ISO 270001
  •  ISO 9001
  •  ISO 14001
  •  Essentials & Cyber Essentials Plus

We also understand that security printing often means much more than the products on offer but requires secure processes and procedures. Our employees are all DBS-approved, we have full site security, visitor controls and secure storage areas, so that you not only benefit from the very best print products but also the knowledge of being partnered with an expert who cares.

With CFH you know you are in safe hands.

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