Are you ready to join us on your digital transformation journey?

The way in which your customers would like you to communicate is changing, the outcomes you need to achieve are growing and this is only the start of your digital transformation journey.

In a world of screens, devices, and touchpoints we help you drive engagement, improve outcomes and deliver real results, by delivering a seamless customer experience, for offline and online communications. Your digital transformation starts here and we want to show you how.

It’s all about the channels…

The true power of multiple channel communication is really understood when those channels work together to engage your customers in a highly personalised experience.

One size doesn’t fit all anymore, you need to send the right communication to the right person at the right time.

This can be Digital delivery, SMS, Email or Printed communications…Sound complicated? Its quite the opposite with CFH Docmail. Respecting and understanding your customer needs and helping you achieve your goals is what we do best.

Let’s work together

Your communication is key to the success of your organisation. Whether it’s internally with your employees, externally to your customers or the wider public, knowing what to say and how to deliver those messages is crucial.

You can benefit from our blended approach to communication. Whether it's web based, app based, SMS, letter, telephone or a mixture of all tailored to your specific recipient, the one thing you will be guaranteed is improved results.

From wanting your customers to attend an appointment, open an account or make a payment we can transform how you communicate with people, drive engagement and deliver a step change in outcomes.

This may be by one of our products like Docmail hybrid mail, Dotpost E-delivery, Docbox print client, DocPay payroll software or one of our many digital delivery solutions or a mixture of all.

By working together, we can scope out your requirements and use our joint expertise to create the right solution for you and your audiences.

Need more information?

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