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The perfect solution for businesses looking to digitally transform their communications whilst taking full advantage of our market leading security features.

What is secure e-delivery? We call it Dotpost.

Dotpost is designed to help businesses and the public alike as together we go on the transformation journey from receiving important letters in the post to sending and managing them in a secure online environment.

Dotpost used by organisations (like health providers and local governments) which send important documents like appointment letters, bills and statements, helping them switch from printing and posting documents to direct digital delivery to a personal Dotpost inbox.

Since Dotpost launched in 2014, it has securely delivered more than two million documents.

However, its not just about digitally delivered letters, talk to us about our multi-channel service, delivering even better results and outcomes for your business.

What are the benefits for the Dotpost sender?

Communicating with your customers through Dotpost has significant cost saving benefits and allows you to begin the migration to digital delivery.

With no development costs or IT set up, you only pay for the electronic documents we deliver to your customers. This also gives you advanced accessibility compliance, as the user can enable accessibility services on their smart phone or device to read documents to them and in a language of their choice.

Using secure e-delivery will reduce mailing costs by over 90%. You get the benefit of special delivery speeds too, as you can set your mailings to launch immediately or schedule to launch at a future date.

Dotpost will notify your customers when the document is available and provide confirmation of delivery to you. It provides you with intuitive web-based tools to manage campaigns and mailings, whether you need to send a simple quarterly letter, or a complex multi-cell campaign with several mailings launching each day, Dotpost makes it easy.

Advanced reporting gives you the metrics you need in a way that traditional postal mail cannot. For instance, how many customers you reached, how many documents were read and when documents were read. Contact us or read our customer testimonials to see how you can benefit.

What are the benefits for the Dotpost user?

It’s a smart electronic filing cabinet. Whether you have a carefully organised system at home or a heap of unopened mail, Dotpost makes it easy to scan and upload those documents like insurance policies, credit agreements and warranties. Dotpost can automatically file new documents so the information you need is just a few clicks away.

A paper filing cabinet lets you put a document in just one folder but with Dotpost labels, you can put a document in as many virtual folders as needed so you can organise them to suit your own system.

You can search your documents by title, who sent you it, when it was sent and/or the labels you have applied, meaning that any document is just a few clicks away.

Dotpost is a convenient place for all of your documents, whether or not they were sent to Dotpost. You can upload your PDFs and images via your computer straight into your Dotpost account.

Dotpost does not and will not charge you to receive documents from other companies or to upload your own documents. Storage is free for as long as you need it.

Dotpost stores your documents in our UK-based data centre and we will never sell your details to third parties. Your documents are encrypted as they arrive at Dotpost so only you can read them. Dotpost notifies you when a document arrives so you only login when you need to.

You won’t need to spend hours searching for that important document ever again.

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Dotpost - working for YOUR business...

Head of Revenue & Benefits, Wiltshire Council


The Dotpost system is easy to use, and we are hopeful that this will lead to a reduction in our usual postage and stationery bill.

As far as accessing our customers in a more direct and personal way, the Dotpost system was ideal, and helps us take a step towards our ambitions of a much more streamlined and efficient communications system.

It has also allowed us to manage our database more effectively, and meet customer’s expectations, in terms of electronic delivery.

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