What are managed services?

At CFH Docmail, managed services are bespoke solutions. They are an elite package of products and services we provide to our contractual customers.

This can be a transactional print contract for a financial partner, a revenue and benefits campaign for a local authority team or an integrated print and online workflow for a key customer sending regular client documents. It’s providing unique solutions for the most business critical communications, with the ultimate goal of improving our customers outcomes.

Improved outcomes

Improved outcomes can be measured in many ways. A project delivered by us may involve: reducing the time taken to convert a prospect into a customer for a financial loan company, ensuring local authority council tax bills and benefit letters are sent to residents together or even reducing the number of patients who don’t attend their appointments for an NHS trust.

By looking at best practice methodology and multi-channel communication tools, we can apply our proven experience to build a unique offering to guarantee enhanced results.

Whatever your business requirements, we provide an expert onboarding and implementation team which includes: analysts, project managers, IT software developers and business development support. The team will provide consultancy, best practice and will add value to your processes at every opportunity.

Royal Mail

Royal Mail is delighted to have CFH as its chosen partner for the provision of planned and hybrid mail solutions. They deliver a highly professional and customer focussed approach to meeting and exceeding our print requirements.

CFH has all the required ISO accreditations, quality controls, environmental credentials and GDPR compliant processes in place to give confidence and peace of mind.

As a national company with multiple print sites, they have the size, scale and reach to continue to grow and meet Royal Mail demands.

An innovative, forward-thinking organisation, delivering a first class service every time.

Your own dedicated team

More importantly for the day to day service delivery, you will have a dedicated team to support your every need. A relationship manger, account manager, production team and a senior board sponsor will be designated and committed to your project.

Our leading team of experienced professionals will ensure we meet and exceed your requirements. You will have a unique service built, complemented by full testing and rollout programme.

Improving your desired outcomes are always our priority. Wouldn't you like to see how we can make a difference to your business?

What are the benefits to you?

It’s all about improving outcomes and efficiencies for your processes and workflows.

Removing costs is often the priority and we will focus on that, however helping you stay one step ahead in your market, getting the best results, driving change and ensuring your customers have a choice is what we believe to be the most important.

If it’s staying ahead of legislation, cyber security, complying with data protection and GDPR, we have all of the accreditations you would desire from a solutions partner. At CFH they are not just certifications, they are the core drivers of everything we do for our customers.

From initially identifying your business goals, to aligning our plan to create and deliver a robust and meaningful solution, we ensure you remain at the forefront of your market and excel with innovation.

The benefits of choosing us as your friction-free partner for providing communications will change your business with our market-leading techniques, social and CSR values and proven performance.

From printed stationery, personalisation, fulfilment and multi-channel delivery – we can provide the benefits and add value at every stage of your process. Contact us today and ask for our Managed Services team.

SpeechmarkA problem shared, is a problem sorted with our managed services.Speechmark

Morses Club

SpeechmarkTo help ensure we offer a smooth service to our customers, we work with CFH Docmail who manage this complex process on our behalf.

We use their managed services and their hybrid mail system Docmail which we use for automated bulk mailings and individual mailings respectively. On average, we produce 190,000 letters a month. Since 2015, we have despatched 6 million items.

We have a dedicated account manager, who offers excellent hands-on service. The support and service we get from CFH Docmail and the team is of a very high quality.Speechmark

Need more information?

To find out how our bespoke managed service solution, can support your business communications, please get in touch and one of our industry experts will be happy to help.