What is classic print?

Classic print is where the CFH journey began back in 1977. We are proud of our heritage and still offer a high-class lithographic printing service, where cheques, continuous forms, direct mail stationery and integrated forms are part of the unique toolkit we can offer our customers.

From printing, to sheeting, folding and booklet making, we can enhance your print requirements with any finish that you need.

CFH Docmail has evolved its service and products over more than 40 years in line with demand and our ever changing market. We now offer a unique production capability with a mix of conventional and digital printing, including comprehensive fulfilment capabilities and multi-channel delivery options. Print lasts a lifetime - let's see what we can do together.

What are the benefits to you?

Print is tangible, as consumers we like to have a document to hold and feel. There is a reason that print marketing still has a higher response rate than an electronic message. A message can be seen and deleted, a high-quality piece of print not only shows the quality of your business, but it shows your clients that you care.

At CFH we have a real passion for classic print and continue to invest in the latest finishing equipment to add value to every document that is created.

When choosing CFH, you will be given your own print specialist who will be available when you need them. They will have advanced industry knowledge and be able to provide advice, best practice and guidance on the best print product for you.

With our competitively priced, high quality products and long-standing reputation for outstanding service, we are the print partner of choice for many businesses, large and small.

Let us do your classic print for you, leaving you with the peace of mind that your documents have been managed in a secure facility, produced to the highest quality and in the most environmentally friendly way.

In our ever-challenging business world, let CFH’s classic print service take care of all your printing needs.

Green Funnell

SpeechmarkThe thing that marks out CFH Docmail is that they are so knowledgeable about print and they are incredibly flexible with clients. If I have an urgent job, I receive a quote immediately and if that work is needed tomorrow, it'll go to the front of the queue.

It means that when I’m determining timescales with the client I can be confident that I can deliver on what I promise.

And if I need something out of the ordinary, CFH will always find a solution.

It’s a delight to deal with CFH. They’re honest, accurate and knowledgeable - with real skill and the right attitude.Speechmark

Ashley Forms Ltd

SpeechmarkI’ve always gone to CFH for added value print products and have enjoyed a relationship that’s second to none with every person that’s part of the process.

It makes it so easy to be able to sell in to clients knowing that I have support from everyone from the studio to production. All in all they are a great supplier. Speechmark

The services we offer...

Here’s a list of some of the main products and services we provide to our customers, if what you need isn’t on the list just give us a call, and we will find a way to help you:

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