At CFH we are committed to supporting organisations everywhere, in delivering meaningful communications that drive better responses. Our 45-year history has allowed us to develop a strong understanding of different sector requirements, the communications they send, and how we can support businesses in achieving their different goals.

We do this by taking the complexity out of communications through our hands-on partnership approach, developing leading communication methods for every sector.  

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Through our experience, we’ve learnt that no two organisations are the same and the way you communicate is different too.

The way you choose to communicate with your audience is unique and we will fully support you in delivering the right communications for your business.

We respect what you need to achieve and work with you to get you there, every time. However, our tried and tested methods allow you to benefit from our best-practice approach.

Whether you have a requirement to communicate offline, online or a blend of the two, our solutions are designed for you to support your communication requirements.



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From hybrid mail, managed services and e-delivery to a truly multi-channel solution, we are the leaders in communications - getting every sector to where they need to be, quickly, effectively and cost-efficiently.

With industry expertise and accreditations, we have a proven track record of being the trusted and secure communication expert of choice.

Whether you are an NHS organisation, Government, Financial Service, SME or a print management company we have the right solutions for you.

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We’d love to look at how you’re communicating with your customers, how they could improve, and how we can help.

Talk to one of our friendly and knowledgeable team today. 

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