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Leicester City Council Covid-19 Response

Leicester City Council COVID-19 Response


Throughout Covid-19 Leicester City Council has communicated in a range of ways with their local constituents to provide information and advice on how to keep well and prevent the spread of Covid-19.

With a population of 357,000 the Council worked around the clock to ensure messages were received, understood and acted upon accordingly to ensure their residents stayed safe and well.

With over 19,000 residents considered vulnerable and consequently shielding, Brian Lisowy, Communications and Marketing Manager for Leicester City Council, was tasked with seeking an alternative way of communicating with these residents. Wanting to reassure as well as provided confidence and assistance where required, Brian and his team designed and planned a mailing where they would send two face coverings to each shielding resident, in the hope it would encourage them to adapt and get back to a new normal in a safe manner. This mailing was then rolled out further to include staff.

For this mailing to be successful and delivered efficiently, Brian had to source a face covering supplier as well as identify a communication organisation who would be able to manage the fulfilment and sending of the letter.


After identifying a local supplier to create bespoke branded Leicester City Council face coverings, Brian reached out to Nicki Newburn, Business Development Manager, at CFH Docmail Limited after the supplier was unable to distribute the large volume mailing required.

Having worked with CFH in the past for bespoke mailings and with their hybrid mail solution, Docmail, rolled out across the Council Brian knew instantly that that CFH would be able to help.

Working together Nicki and Brian agreed time scales and mailing requirements so that the mailing could be distributed to the Council’s vulnerable residents. CFH fully understood what was required and got to work planning the mailing for Brian.

Despite the wrong specification being received initially for the face covering size (which influences enclosing capabilities) Nicki sought a new method of enclosing to ensure that the mailing could be completed. The mailing was hand enclosed by dedicated hand enclosing staff at the Slough production site and passed to Royal Mail where it was distributed to the vulnerable residents of Leicester within the newly agreed time scale.

CFH met all the mailing requirements of Leicester City Council and managed the complete mailing on their behalf. The two organisations communicated continually throughout the process (even sometimes well into the night) so that both parties fully understood each stage of the mailing process.

The mailing was efficient and effective in its delivery and well received by the recipients, with some residents requesting additional coverings. By working with CFH Leicester City Council managed not only to send wellness advice but also help those in their local community adapt and build the confidence required to continue with their everyday lives during these unusual times.

Key learnings and results

By working with CFH previously, and building a strong relationship with the organisation, Brian knew instantly that they was going to be able to help, no matter what the mailing requirements. Nothing is too much trouble for CFH, he knows that the dedicated team can always find a way to manage their mailings and meet the time scales required.

CFH always provide an excellent and professional service, meet all mailing requirements, go above and beyond like no other communication company whilst always delivering service with a smile.

By choosing CFH Leicester saved time and money on their communications but were also able to send the mailing which would not have been possible without CFH.

Brian and his team were very happy with the service provided and would recommend CFH to any organisation looking to send any type of communication, as he knows the team will get the job done, to the highest standard and to the agreed requirements.

Benefits identified from Brian and team when working with CFH:

  • You know the job will get done
  • Communication is effective, keeping you up to date no matter what
  • You know everything is being managed - you don’t need to chase!
  • Nothing is too much trouble
  • CFH is a trustworthy organisation
  • They are a reliable organisation
  • Time efficiencies
  • Money savings

Brian and his team are already planning their next big mailing and already know that CFH Docmail Limited will be the ones who will help them deliver this. The partnership has grown from strength to strength, with CFH always being there to support Leicester City Council.

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We have to act fast to keep residents and businesses informed during the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly the local public health advice and government guidance. When I’m working with someone from CFH Docmail I know I can trust them to get the job done in the quickest, most reliable way.

Brian Lisowy, Communications and Marketing Manager

Leicester City Council Covid communications

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