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May 15 2021

What Is Hybrid Mail? Print & Post Solutions Explained

By Emma Bicknell, Campaign Manager

Hybrid mail is a secure, fast, online alternative method of producing and sending highly personalised documents to your end audiences.

Designed to send effective business communications, hybrid mail captures your postal mailing requirements through an online secure website and automates the mailing process for you. Not only transforming the way your business communications are sent but maximising your business outcomes, by engaging with your audience, in a trusted way.

Smarter communication management

Hybrid mail allows businesses to send postal mailings, direct from their desktop or document file by simply uploading their mailing requirements to an online portal or submitting through a virtual print driver.

The hybrid supplier then automates the mailing process, by receiving, printing, enclosing and dispatching mailings to the desired end audience, as per your mailing requirements.

It’s a matter of telling the hybrid mail supplier how you would like your documents printed and when they need to be dispatched, they then take care of everything else.

The software is designed to minimise the process of sending business communications by removing the physical interaction organisations are often used to when it comes to sending postal mailings.

Improving business communications

Hybrid mail is all about providing users with control and efficiency when creating and sending business communications.

Managing this process may differ on a day-to-day basis and almost certainly across different types of organisations, but hybrid mail offers the flexibility to manage the sending of your business communications in a way that best works for you. Ensuring that your core business objectives are recognised and met, hybrid mail takes care of your client communications by offering a smarter way to communicate.

Hybrid services are used by thousands of organisations to send business communications. From business letters, newsletters, appointments, statements, marketing mailings, important information and updates, the service helps drive audience engagement and deliver real outcomes for business success.

Hybrid mail is growing

Hybrid mail solutions have become increasingly popular over the last 24 months, helping organisations send business critical communications as well as their everyday communication touch points. 

With the adoption of remote working during the Covid-19 pandemic, companies sought an alternative method of managing their communications, whilst still meeting their audience requirements and that’s where the true benefit of hybrid mail exists. With online access, the service provides companies with the ability to manage their communications wherever staff are based, keeping businesses and clients connected no matter what.

Used by smallmedium and large businesses, a hybrid service offers scalability and flexibility on postal communications through innovation and data technology security.

With remote working here to stay, the adoption of a hybrid service continues to grow across sectors and within organisations, helping business maintain their competitive edge with effective communications.

In a world that is constantly changing, the one constant you can rely on is hybrid mail.

The benefits of hybrid mail

  • Improved audience engagement: Send personalised communications, at the right time to the right person to improve your business outcomes.

  • Flexibility: Manage your business communications in a way that suits you best. Whether you want to send one or hundreds of printed communications, hybrid mail is tailored to your requirements.

  • Automated communication process: No hassle, no physical interaction. Streamlined communications from one secure account.

  • Brand consistency: Delivering consistent communications, whether this is across departments or branches, a hybrid service provides template and document control through built-in libraries.

  • Agile working support: Supporting remote, agile and office-based workers, with online access users can manage their communications no matter their working locations.

  • Reduced data breaches: Secure and data protection driven; hybrid mail solutions minimise potential data breaches.

  • Instant implementation: With no set-up or IT requirement a hybrid service is available online and can be used instantly. The only requirement is setting up your account!

  • Time efficient: Time sensitivity is vital for communication delivery, it’s about delivering communications when it matters most. Hybrid services offer a range of delivery and pre-scheduling options so that you can connect at the right time.

  • Cost-effective: With the removal of in-house resources and reduction in staff time, hybrid mail provides significant cost savings to businesses.

  • Integration: Hybrid mail software integrates with existing software and solutions, to work alongside your day-to-day activities.

  • Reduce your carbon footprint: Hybrid mail minimises your resource waste. The system uses the resources required and is often supported by companies that have the environment at the heart of what they do.

No matter the size of your organisation or how many recipients you need to connect with, hybrid mail will provide you with these benefits no matter what.

Transforming your communications

From bulk and single communication requirements, a hybrid mail solution is a readily accepted and instant method of transforming communications not only through the streamlined service but for driving engagement for business campaigns.

For organisations moving forward on their communication journey, hybrid mail is a perfect model to adopt and improve business communication, drive engagement and deliver real outcomes.

Hybrid mail suppliers

You may now be thinking how do I find a hybrid mail supplier that works for me?

Dedicated to partnering with organisations to improve their business communications, CFH Docmail offers a non-contractual hybrid mail system that can be utilised and managed in your own way.

To find out more about this service visit our hybrid mail page, where you’ll find everything you need to know on how hybrid mail can support your business. 

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