Success Stories

Over 40 Years of Delivering Success

Through our experience, we’ve learnt that no two organisations are the same and that extends to the way you will want to engage with your customers, which will also be unique to you.

In each of the cases below, CFH have brought our wealth of experience and knowledge to bear on the unique challenge of how to maximise the quality of the engagement our clients have with their customers.  

Take a look at our success stories, to find out how we helped businesses just like yours deliver meaningful communications, achieve their goals and engage with their audiences in the best possible way.


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We respect what you need to achieve and work with you to get you there, every time. Our tried and tested methods allow you to benefit from our proven best-practice approach. With over 40 years’ experience, we have supported thousands of companies in their delivery of successful communications, making us a trusted, proven supplier in every sector.

Whether you have a requirement to communicate offline, online or a blend of the two, our solutions are designed to maximise each and every customer interaction.

From hybrid mail, managed services and e-delivery to fully integrated multichannel solution, we are the leaders in highly effective communications - getting every client to where they need to be, quickly, effectively and cost-efficiently.

Through innovation and expertise we work with you to improve your outcomes, helping you communicate with each and every customer, on an individual basis allowing you to maximise the value of each relationship. 

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