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Through managed communication solution, not-for-profit organisation Fair For You increase the efficiency of their communication process, save 50% on hard cost and increase the security of its processes.

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The brief

Fair For You are a UK-based not-for-profit organisation, offering affordable, flexible credit payments tailored to their client’s requirements and incomes.

Working towards reforming the credit sector, by building its offerings around its customers, the charity owned organisation offers a range of products that can be purchased and repaid through a series of ethical payment terms across an agreed period.

Starting in 2016, the organisation has grown rapidly within the industry, making them a highly trusted and dependable credit provider for products, with an expanding customer base.


Due to the organisation’s rapid growth from retention, and the impact of Covid-19, communication spend has doubled on the array of documents that need to be sent to their loyal customers, including industry-regulated legal documents and customer service and retention documentation.

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The solution

Traditionally Fair For You‘s communication production was managed in a secure call centre environment, but with rapid growth since 2016, and targeted growth of ten times their current state over the next 5 years, they sought an alternative solution.

The Commercial Manager was tasked with finding and implementing an alternative communication provider that not only saved the organisation important revenue but was secure in its implementation and easy to manage.

They met with CFH's Business Development Management at an exhibition in 2019, where they discussed how CFH could help with their growing communication requirements and how this could be successfully managed.

After visiting our site and reviewing our contingency plans, high accreditations and daily postal abilities, they decided to partner with CFH Docmail. The aim was for Fair For You to work with CFH Docmail to refine their communication process and ensure that their communications remained cost-effective and efficient.

The process

Initially, CFH provided a complete company audit and scoped out a plan to help Fair For You identify where we could help and improve their existing communication process.

Despite the current pandemic, by working together Fair For You were up and running with the first phase of our solution by July, just a little later than intended. This meant that an automated service for critical mailings was up and running through a secure SFTP connection. This provides a complete end-to-end workflow for default notices, termination notices and retention letters as well as offering communication scalability along with their business growth. The company transitioned over half of its communication requirement instantly to CFH, with the remaining looking to follow in the new few months.

Covid-19 brought new challenges for Fair For You, with staff needing to work from home while the business experienced growth through increasing demand. The company also needed to send an ad-hoc mailing to 6,000 recipients, within a short deadline. This is where CFH’s hybrid mail solution, Docmail, helped. With support from us, the mailing was quick and easy to produce through Docmail. The mailing met the deadline as well as generating impressive cost savings from previous providers.

Further training has been scheduled for all remaining staff so that all ad-hoc mailings and single letters can be sent from wherever they are working. All they need is an internet connection.

The results

With the new communication solution we have provided to Fair For You being flexible and cost-effective, the organisation has benefited from a 50% saving on their current communication solution. The saving has enabled the Social Enterprise to re-invest this into different areas of the organisation, focusing on improving their offering to their clients as well as ensuring they remain competitive in a growing industry.

Fair For You is now planning the expansion of communications they send through CFH. The organisation is beginning to look at how they can incorporate welcome letters, service updates, newsletters and soft sale pieces into the communication solutions CFH provides. By doing this, the company plan to build on its existing relationships, retain customers and build new relationships to help meet its expected business growth rate.

The organisation is expecting to see fewer issues and queries from clients by using the CFH solution. This is in part due to the fast turnaround of documents and also the ability to extend communication offering to provide their clients with additional knowledge and services to help with their purchase.

6 months since CFH’s communication solutions were implemented into Fair For You, the benefits of using the solution have proved to be not only helping the organisation save time and money but also delivering other business outcomes and to communicate when it matters most.

Originally CFH’s solutions were implemented to streamline Fair For You’s default and termination notices and retention letters. However, with the system offering scalability and flexibility Fair For You have since increased the number and types of communications sent through the automated service.

To do this, CFH and Fair For You worked in partnership to develop a phased rollout programme. This meant that the rollout could be managed carefully with regular communication between both organisations to provide an understanding of any objectives and communication requirements. In addition to the managed service solution CFH’s hybrid mail system, Docmail is always on hand for emergency mailings.

Multichannel communications are vital for Fair For You's continued business success. They believe in communicating with their clients, with letters being a critical aspect of this multichannel media mix.

On average Fair For You now send around 900 postal communications a month through CFH, doubling their output since they started using CFH Docmail in August 2020.

The sending of these communications has helped increase engagement, through automated mailings and flexibility of communication output including size, type, time sensitivity and volume.

The automated mailing process allows Fair For You to target clients when it’s relevant, time-sensitive and when it matters so that calls to action are met and engagement is driven through appropriate communication touch points.

CFH go that extra mile by always double-checking the mailing output and quantities as a part of their account management services. This ensures that communications are correct in their printing and dispatch and match the expectations of Fair For You.

This, together with the on-hand support and clear communications, makes CFH more than just a communication provider, but a partner, forging a strong relationship between the two organisations.

CFH continuously meet changing requirements, by being experts in communication management, best-in-class security and time-sensitive delivery.

Working with CFH has contributed to Fair For You’s first sustainable year, by offering improved services, with improved outcomes through improved business services. The solutions continually meet the requirements of the organisation, resulting in the company being open to exploring sending other channels of communication through the system, in which they can fully immerse their multichannel communication into one company, to help them achieve their goals.

In a regulated sector where treating customers fairly is paramount, effective communication is essential. CFH’s ability to provide outstanding customer service, through a series of brilliant handovers and extensive customer knowledge, allows us to not only meet our obligations but exceed them by ensuring our customers feel involved and well-informed throughout.

Onboarding to CFH was absolutely perfect and straightforward forward with step-by-step guidance given along the way. Throughout, the team provided regular updates, remaining proactive and positive, helping us onboard and begin sending communications instantly.

Commercial Manager,
Fair For You

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