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Powershop UK are a utilities supplier based in Birmingham. The company first launched in the UK in 2017, after branching out from New Zealand.

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The Brief

Their aim is to change the way customers buy energy, by providing a better way of purchasing energy based on monthly discounted ‘Powerpacks’ to reduce energy bills as well as providing exceptional customer service. Because of this, Powershop have experienced rapid growth within the market and has branched out with 4 additional brands: npower Select, Sainsburys Energy, Wasps Energy and Wigan Warriors Energy.

Traditionally Powershop’s communication process was managed internally with manual printing, enclosing and posting of relevant customer letters. This became increasingly challenging as the company grew.

The Assistant Communications Manager was tasked with sourcing and implementing a new correspondence process that would improve the

customer journey, generate business growth and streamline the existing process for the service agents.

With Covid-19 bringing the introduction of 100% remote working, they needed to speed up the process of finding an alternative solution for printed collateral.

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The solution

After being introduced to CFH's Business Development Manager, at the beginning of March 2020, Powershop began discussions on how Docmail could help produce customer communications, whilst their agents were working remotely.

The team were able to recommend Docmail to the business because of our experience in the communications market; how simple the onboarding process is; our excellent accreditations; the visibility and reporting our software provides as well as providing the pay-as-you-go service the company required.

The process

The Docmail Print Driver, a secure printing option, was installed on the agents’ laptops and training was organised. CFH's Client Relationship Manager provided training remotely due to the ongoing pandemic.

Powershop UK said afterwards, “The training provided was thorough and covered everything the agents needed to see. It was really useful as well as the videos and user guides were perfect for a quick answer”.

The intuitive processes, excellent training and on-demand support, as well as the efficient implementation, meant that Powershop were able to transition all their written communications over to Docmail within a short period of three months.

The results

Powershop now utilise the solution for all their printing needs, the software provides an end-to-end solution that works wherever their staff are working. Whilst allowing continuous sending of high-quality, customer communications that help drive business sales.

Since working with Docmail, Powershop say they haven’t looked back, their communication process has become completely streamlined and they are now communicating in a way which enhances their customer journey.

Powershop agents now have more time to focus their support on other areas of the business such as customer service, with higher value tasks e.g. phone queries being resolved quicker. They are also considering other services from Docmail. The time saved is invaluable to their business whilst the quality of the communications being sent is improving their customer experience.

6 months on - In the 6 months since CFH’s communication solution, Docmail, was implemented into Powershop, the benefits of using the solution have continued to be demonstrated through its use, so much so that the solution has been adopted for alternative forms of communication to their audience.

Docmail has effectively been rolled out and has provided an improved, efficient way of handling audience communications and driving business outcomes within a secure platform. Since adopting the solution, Powershop have sent over 10,000 documents across the marketing, occupiers and customer service teams.

The solution is used to drive audience engagement and improve business outcomes by delivering important updates and statements to their end audience, through a means of communication that is relevant to their audience requirements.

The CFH team continue to be on hand to answer any questions or queries, ensuring that mailings remain time-sensitive and customer-focused. Powershop simply upload the data and document they wish to send, and CFH Docmail then manages the rest.

In addition, Powershop recognised the support and knowledge that CFH provided when it came to driving audience engagement, through effective communications, and has since adopted a managed service solution to send and manage their non-standard communications. These mailings consist of booklets and multiple varied inserts into one envelope. To do this, Powershop supplies data and documents through a secure SFTP connection to their dedicated account manager, Michelle O’Reilly, who then ensures the mailing is dispatched within the agreed time scale. The process removes the hassle of managing bulk communication mailings, providing peace of mind and a service Powershop can rely on.

In total 10,000 documents have been sent through the managed service over the 6-month period. By utilising the two solutions together, Powershop have streamlined its postal communication requirement across the organisation.

With a relationship driven by trust, communication and the ability to solve problems and explore communication concepts, Powershop and CFH Docmail's relationship has grown from strength to strength.

I can’t praise the team enough.

They responded immediately and above and beyond my expectation to the brief.

The changes were all implemented flawlessly and we managed to not only improve the quality and effectiveness of our written communication but also to save money.

CFH has always provided a quick and efficient service and covered all our needs to our expectations. Every time I’ve had to contact CFH, I have always received a quick response and the CFH Team couldn’t be more friendly.”

Group Leader, Benefits Team ,
Bedfordshire Pension Fund

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