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Aug 04 2022

Docmail Hybrid Mail: All About The Print Driver

By Jason Lusty and Shelley Hawkins,

What is hybrid mail?

Hybrid mail solutions are digital mail services designed to change the way in which organisations communicate with their different audiences. It takes the traditional postal method and transforms this into an online process removing the physical attributes of sending printed documents. Say goodbye to printing documents, stuffing them in an envelope and post office trips, with hybrid mail you can send letters in a few clicks and let the providers handle the manual work.

What is Docmail hybrid mail?

Docmail hybrid mail is the modern, digital mail solution that allows organisations of any size to manage all their client communications in one account. In just a few clicks you can send a variety of colour or black & white communications, where we will then print, enclose and dispatch them the next working day. Docmail hybrid mail offers first and second-class delivery and future dispatch date options, so that communications can be dispatched and delivered when required.

What is the Print Driver?

The Print Driver is an extension of our Docmail Hybrid Mail website. It is a virtual printer that replaces your desktop printer and requirement for in-house resources, allowing organisations to send printed letters and documents straight from their computers.

Designed for organisations of any kind, the Print Driver is specifically used for those looking to send PDFs or word documents directly from their desktops to a hybrid mail system. It works particularly well for single letters, but can also be utilised for orders that contain thousands of letters.

The use of either our website or Print Driver is not exclusive, customers can either use one or both. However you use Docmail, the process is always easy to complete, cost-effective and saves valuable time in the sending of your important documents.

What makes the Docmail Print Driver stand out from other hybrid suppliers?

Our Print Driver is continually evolving its functionalities in line with our customer’s needs and hosts a range of unique and clever features that other hybrid mail systems don’t have. These additional features are designed to make the mailing process even easier and help increase audience engagement. These additional features include:

Address functionalities

One of the key features of our Print Driver is the fact that you have the ability to move the address within the system. Unlike other solutions, where the address MUST be in the correct place before sending the document across, with the Print Driver, you can simply draw a box around your address, where we will then move it to the correct place on your document so that it shows through the window in the envelope (clever, right!).

This saves valuable admin time as there is no need for you to re-align the address in your original document to make it go through the system. 

It also ensures your documents are optimised so that they are more likely to reach the recipient as they have a lesser chance of being rejected by Royal Mail due to an address error. 

Choice of envelope

Docmail also offers the choice of a C5 (A5) or C4 (A4) envelope, so your documents can be sent in the way that best suits your requirements.

Enhance your envelopes

The system gives users the option to enhance their communications in various ways.

You can choose to personalize your envelopes by adding up to 2 straplines and 2 logos to each (all done within the system). Not only does this increase brand awareness, but recent research showed that envelopes with colour and logos on them possess a 90% higher open rate than a plain white one.

Business reply envelopes

We offer our users the chance to incorporate Business Reply Envelopes (BREs) to their orders, on-demand. These envelopes will be included in your letter to your recipients, so that they can return what is required to you, free of charge to them.

Choice of production elements

You also have the choice to send various forms of communication, including A4 letters, A3 folded sheets and inserts. Inserts can range from flyers, leaflets, booklets, postcards and much more.

Print Profiles

When creating an order on the Print Driver, you will have to input your mailing options. This generally involves drawing the box around your address, choosing how many pages to send to each person and selecting your printing options- black and white or colour, single-sided or double-sided.

An example of printing options may include: the address box in the top left, 2 pages going to each patient and the document is printed double-sided and in black and white.

At the end of your order, you have the ability to save these printing options as a profile, which you can name yourself for ease of admin. The system will then automatically input these instructions for you when this profile is pre-selected. This allows you to go straight to the final stage, where you can proof and submit your order, saving you time and making the process even easier.

Merge mode

Unique to CFH, the Print Driver has a merge mode that allows users to combine multiple letters into one file, so that they can be printed at once, directly through the Print Driver.

Merge Mode is useful if you are using a system that creates a new file for each individual letter in your mail merge, or if your system sends smaller batches when completing a mail merge.

As opposed to your system creating one letter at a time and you having to do one order at a time, with merge mode, you can combine the letters into one mail merge and do multiple letters in one order, offering huge savings in your valuable time.

Free software

As always, our Print Driver is free to download to as many PCs as you require. You simply pay for the mailings you send and nothing more. There are no setup, admin or additional fees to use Docmail or the Docmail Print Driver.

Offers an advanced print production facility

As opposed to sending communications in-house, where you may be limited to what you can do due to the functionalities available to you, the Print Driver allows its users various printed output options. From being able to print on envelopes to including inserts and postcards, the Print Driver gives you a wider option of production capabilities that your office won’t have, all at your fingertips.

Why are companies using the Print Driver?

We have a wide range of companies that use the Docmail Print Driver. From health, to finance, local government, SMEs, estate agents, trade unions, marketing companies and many others, the Print Driver is suitable for any business communications.

Whether you are looking to drive engagement, reduce costs, deliver better results, require a secure supplier or provide choice to your customers, the Print Driver can help achieve your goals.

What do our clients have to say?

CFH Docmail provided excellent support to us in helping to ensure that all our pension documents, payslips and forms could be printed and mailed as part of our pension administration service transition. They have continued to deliver value for money and a high-quality service.

The Docmail Print Driver not only acted as an interim solution for the company but has now become a system the pensions team use on a day-to-day basis.

David Coates - Head of Pensions and HR Management Information, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

I have really enjoyed working alongside Docmail, the team have been super friendly and always available whenever I have needed any advice. The system is also easy to use and very user friendly and has excellent tracking of all documents sent by them.

Olly Foster - Office Manager, Repair and Assure

The next steps…

If you are looking for a reliable and well-thought-out solution to manage the sending of your important communications then why not get in touch to find out how the Docmail Print Driver can help you. Simply fill in our contact form below and one of our dedicated representatives will be in touch to discuss your communication requirements.

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