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Oct 10 2022

Hybrid Mail Vs. Managed Hybrid Communications

By Emma Bicknell, Campaign Manager

Whether you are a private sector organisation, public sector organisation or work within the tertiary sector, all types of organisations are finding themselves under increasing pressure to deliver effective communications, whilst maximising audience engagement and reaching business goals and objectives.

This has led to organisations everywhere evaluating the way in which they send communications, the channels they are utilising and most importantly the solutions they are using to manage and send these. Two solutions that have grown in popularity over recent years are those known as hybrid mail and managed hybrid communication, both being supplied by third-party communication specialists.

Whilst these solutions are similar, they are also very different. So how do organisations know which solution to utilise and what do they actually do?

What is hybrid mail?

Hybrid mail takes the process of sending physical postal communications and digitalises it, by streamlining the creation process online. It is a secure, fast, online alternative method of producing and sending highly personalised documents to end audiences.

Designed to send effective business communications, hybrid mail captures postal mailing requirements through an online secure website and automates the mailing process. Not only transforming the way business communications are sent but maximising business outcomes, by engaging with your audience, in a trusted way.

It offers smarter communication management, improves business communications and audience engagement, all whilst providing the added advantage of being able to manage the communication process both in the office or remotely.

Hybrid mail solutions are becoming increasingly popular, in helping manage and send business critical communications, bulk mailings and everyday communication touch points and can be adopted instantly in private sector organisations.

What are managed hybrid communications?

Hybrid communications encompass all outbound and inbound communications, both digital and print.

Hybrid communications bring communication services together and put processes in place that work across organisations, under a secure procurement framework, to offer a wider scope for organisations to reach people in meaningful, human ways.

From post and digital communications to scanning and archiving, the optimisation of the hybrid communication process provides agility in managing, sending, and delivering communications.

When these communications are managed by a professional provider with accredited experience, they become the perfect blend of media channels which engage with audiences in a clear, concise, and effective way to drive the desired results.

By finding the right blend of solutions to deliver print and digital communications brings together the best of both worlds. Delivering a variety of communication formats ensures that your target audience is receiving content that not only engages them but inspires them to take action.

A managed hybrid communications service gives organisations the advantage of both expertise and an approach tailored to their goals. The right provider will work with you to understand what you need and recommend a way to make it happen in a completely seamless workflow.

What are the components of each?

What media channels are available?

Hybrid Mail

Hybrid mail focuses on digitalising the postal document processes and therefore focuses largely on this media channel.

Managed hybrid communications

Managed hybrid communications involve both physical and digital communications.

Inbound or outbound communication management?

Hybrid Mail

Hybrid mail focuses on outbound communication management.

Managed hybrid communications

Managed hybrid communications focus on both inbound and outbound communication management.

What’s the price?

Hybrid Mail

The best hybrid mail solutions are pay-as-you-go services, with prices set per document. Docmail Prices

Managed hybrid communications

The price of managed hybrid communications is generally set at the contract stage and is dependent on the requirements of the organisation.

Do you require a contract?

Hybrid Mail

Hybrid mail services do not have a contract.

Managed hybrid communications

Managed hybrid communications solutions require a contract, as they the solutions are bespoke to each client.

Is there support?

Hybrid Mail

Hybrid mail solutions are self-service systems, which are often supported by a support team, who are available to answer questions, set up mailings and provide training on the solution.

Managed hybrid communications

Managed hybrid communications contracts are often supported by account managers, who become an extension of your business. They help the management and sending of communications, can help answer questions and come with a wealth of knowledge.

Is it easy to onboard?

Hybrid Mail

Hybrid mail is flexible and can be onboarded instantly, with little to no IT support.

Managed hybrid communications

Managed hybrid communications require a project management team (supplied by the communications provider), IT involvement and can be onboarded within different timescales.

Is the solution diverse?

Hybrid Mail

Hybrid mail can be adopted instantly across a business and/or departments - making it easy to roll out to other areas of an organisation.

Managed hybrid communications

Managed hybrid communications can be adopted instantly across a business and/or departments, however, this is not instant with communication scope required first.

Is it secure?

Hybrid Mail

The best hybrid mail solutions are secure and GDPR-compliant.

Managed hybrid communications

The best-managed hybrid communication solutions are secure and GDPR. The very best have industry-specific accreditations, offer audit control and have stringent internal security processes.

Do these solutions help me reach my goals?

Utilising these communication solutions, ultimately helps organisations reach their short-term and long-term goals and outcomes – whatever they might be. These solutions and/or products are designed to help create, manage and send communications that are effective, secure and cost-effective.

Whether your organisation is looking to drive results, increase speed to market, deliver secure communication, streamline processes, increase return on investment or to make the best use of your resources (just to name a few), these solutions help achieve just that.

These solutions are provided by communication experts, like CFH Docmail Ltd, who have over 40 years of experience in helping organisations onboard the right solution to help drive goals and engagement. To find out more about how we can help or the difference between these solutions we offer, why not get in touch and one of our experts will be in touch?


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