Unlock the benefits of outsourcing my communications

Would you like to unlock the benefits of outsourcing your communications to a single provider? Have an automated communication solution at your fingertips?

You have come to the right place, at CFH we understand the benefits that outsourcing all of your customer communications will bring.

With different suppliers across different departments, more staff working from home and the rising costs of consumables, talk to our experts about the benefits of outsourcing your communications.

Unlock The Benefits Of Outsourcing Communications

Unlock the benefits

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Enjoy the benefits of outsourcing whilst still remaining in control

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Providing you with access to our tried and tested systems and solutions

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Increase efficiencies for your team when consolidating your communications with CFH

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Home working

If you are working from home or in the office, our solutions are perfect for you

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Reduce time and effort

Remove the need to manage multiple suppliers and inhouse printing

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Benefits of outsourcing

Save time, money and increase efficiencies, when outsourcing to CFH


Do you have multiple companies sending different parts of your communications or do you have different departments all using different suppliers? Are you still printing and posting letters in house, sometimes thousands a day? Do you just think there has to be a better way to do this?

Are your print machines or franking machines often breaking down, or you never get to the post office in time? Are you ready to be thinking about SMS or Emails, but just haven’t had the time? Do you wonder if there is a better or more efficient way, which could actually get you better results?

Do you have staff working remotely, and worry how you can continue to send your communications in a consistent style and quality?

Let us help you
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You can benefit from our automated document delivery solutions. Taking the  pressures away from you and your teams, will reduce time and effort and those manual processes. With rising energy costs, why not use ours instead of your own. At CFH we have the proven, tried and tested system and services in place, already being used by many organisations like yours.

Instead of spending your valuable budgets on procurement and internal resource, you can leave it all to CFH, let us be your trusted experts. With an outsourced document partner, you will improve accuracy, removing any room for human error. We will schedule your communications, and optimise the timings, to get better engagement with your audience. Let CFH support you and become part of your team.

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CFH have been providing outsourced communications for over 45 years, yes, our technology has changed but what’s remained constant is our commitment to close relationships, impeccable service and our responsible, sustainable way of doing business.

Today, we all move seamlessly between digital and print, online and off, when you work with our team, you are in safe hands. They will support you through this change.

When outsourcing to CFH, you can leave the decision to send communications by different methods to us, we provide true multichannel journeys created to get the outcomes you need. We have visibility of all channels and can react accordingly to get the results you need. Choose a trusted communications partner. Choose CFH.

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When choosing to work with CFH, we will make a commitment to you. We will look after the entire end-to-end process for you. You can sit back, and view the results.

Take comfort from our proven experience, we have done this so many times before.

As your customers have changing needs, we have the channels of choice to engage with them better. We know that certain channels are more effective, depending on your desired call to action. 

It’s perfect for homeworking and for a distributed workforce, as communications with CFH can be sent from anywhere, the office, at home or even on the move. Let us walk you through the simple steps to get started.

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