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May 21 2024

CFH Saves Over £41,000 on Postage for Annual Billing Clients

By Kelly Stokes, Group Head of Operation

Through a dedicated partnership with Royal Mail, CFH are able to offer clients the opportunity to take part in Test and Innovation Schemes (TIS) for print and post communications.

With the announcement of the postage saving scheme for the start of 2024, CFH were proactive in identifying 13 eligible annual billing clients whose delivery schedules and SLA requirements met the Royal Mail Test and Innovation Scheme.  

The latest scheme provided eligible government bodies with a saving of up to 5% on postage prices between January – May 2024, utilising the new DSA economy delivery option for the first time.


CFH completed the detailed applications on behalf of the 13 participants and calculated the savings on postage that each client was able to receive. The discounted postage price, which included savings from adopting Economy Access postage and participation in the scheme, was confirmed and applications were submitted for approval to Royal Mail.

Economy Access postage allows for increased delivery days from Royal Mail, up to 5 days. The postage option means that recipients will receive mail on days 1-4 if other posted items are being delivered on those selected days or the posted item will be delivered on day 5. Often, the items are delivered prior to day 5.

The annual billing process was then run seamlessly throughout CFH. This included kick-off meetings with clients and CFH representatives to confirm specific mailing requirements, the creation of different workstreams for document processing and the pre-printing of additional inserts and booklets before final mile delivery to residents through our trusted delivery partners.

For the Test and Innovation scheme, CFH were able to go that one step further and apply additional audience insight into the mailings delivered. With the use of Mail Mark Direct Data software, CFH were able to report on individual letters sent, with specific details including when items were collected by Whistl, the first day items were seen by Royal Mail, the last day the items were seen and the predicted day it would be delivered on within the 5-day time frame.

The increased level of reporting provided clients with comprehensive insight into their mailing delivery schedule and response rates in line with the mailings sent.


A total saving of £41,000 was achieved across the 13 councils on postage alone, with each individual council receiving savings in line with the volumes they sent.

For example, Dorset Council sent a total of 180,015 letters receiving a postage saving of over £9,000. This included 94.2% of their postal letters being received and seen by Royal Mail on day 1, with an average predicted delivery between 1 to 3 days after dispatch.

Test and innovation scheme

With careful planning and pre-scheduling the increased delivery period had no impact on the communications sent, enabling the councils to deliver their annual billing statements within the 10-day notice period required.

CFH has since adopted the Mail Mark Direct Data software company-wide, to provide detailed reporting and analysis to customers who require further information on the mailings sent. They see this as a positive step forward to providing clients with mailing transparency and audience insight whilst championing the power of the letter alongside Royal Mail.

CFH will continue to partner with Royal Mail in the Test and Innovation Schemes to gain market insight and pass on savings and benefits to clients.

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