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Jun 07 2023

Our solution portfolio has grown!

By Jon Marsh, Group Commercial Director

At CFH we are much more than a communications provider; we are a communication partner with a range of solutions that enable our important clients to engage with your audiences in a way that suits them best.

From print, post and e-delivery to the perfect blend of them all or even a complete 360 communication plan, here at CFH we are here to support the evolving communication requirements of our clients with our impressive product portfolio.

Our existing solutions:

As you may be aware that our solution portfolio already consists of:

  • CFH Docmail: our marketing leading hybrid mail service, which was the first of its kind back in 2008 and since has grown from strength to strength
  • CFH Managed: our managed communication service that gives you the advantage of our rich expertise, account management and extensive use of our communication services
  • CFH Dotpost: our digital document delivery platform, that provides a means of engaging with your audiences online, securely
  • CFH Print: this is where our communication journey began, offering best-in-class lithographic and digital print products
  • CFH Docbox: the on-premise document management solution, that doesn’t just deliver communications but provides an impressive reporting suit and management capabilities for communication requirements

Whilst our solution portfolio is extensive, we understand that communication requirements continuously evolve and to be able to offer our clients the best products and services, we need to ensure that we remain leaders in our field. As a part of this, we continuously re-invest and re-new our product portfolio as well as develop new and exciting products.

What’s new?

We decided it was the perfect time to not only release our exciting new brand but to add a little innovation elsewhere a little innovation elsewhere by growing our solution portfolio. We have two new market-leading products that we are now proud to bring to market to enable you to engage with your audiences and achieve your objectives.

CFH Inbound

CFH Inbound is our unique scanning centre, which provides scanning and data capture services that drive savings, drives efficiencies, and improves outcomes for you.

Our impressive scanning facility provides innovative, scalable and cost-effective solutions that will remove the inbound document management from your business and allows you to develop truly automated services. It allows you to really engage with your customers on every channel, by understanding their responses and engaging with them in the best possible way.

This service is unique, powerful and helps achieve the results your business requires.

Find out more about CFH Inbound here.

CFH Transform

Multichannel communication isn’t just about being present in multiple places. It’s about finding the right blend of channels for you, based on your business, your ambitions, and your customers. And this is what CFH Transform is all about.

At CFH we now offer an elite package of multichannel communication solutions built around your desired goals. By applying intelligent insight and data driven decision making, accompanied by our marketing leading solutions we’ll get you wherever you need to be, quickly and effectively all through our 5R approach.

Whether you’re encouraging customers to attend appointments or work with you for the first time, we’ll transform how you communicate, drive engagement, and deliver improved results.

We understand that one channel can only take you so far, we will engage your customers using our expertise and tools, throughout your customer life cycles.

We’ll choose from our industry-leading product line-up to give you a tailored, relevant solution - one that’s right for your business, your users, and your audiences.

With our blended approach, across multiple channels, CFH really does go beyond the printed letter.

Find out more about CFH Transform here.

Want to know more?

If you are interested in knowing more about these two exciting solutions or any other of our marketing leading solutions get in touch with our team of experts and we’d be happy to talk to you through how our solutions can work for you.

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