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Feb 28 2022

Benefits Of Using A Multichannel Communications Approach

By Emma Bicknell, Campaign Manager

As our audience requirements continue to evolve, so do the types of communications we send to them. From post, SMS, email and digital delivery to special output requirements, the ways in which we connect, engage and build relationships is a never-ending challenge for organisations.

To counteract this, organisations are now blending communication tools and creating bespoke communication strategies, compiling the perfect blend of media formats to deliver communications in the very best possible way to drive their end goals. This is known as a multichannel approach.

What is multichannel?

Multichannel is the bringing together of different forms of communication, to make a unique blend of media formats that best delivers communication touchpoints to your audience. The approach removes the concept that one type of communication works for all types of audiences, allowing organisations to build positive relationships and reach their set goals.

Whilst this approach may seem simple, it can be complicated and time-consuming at first but does yield a range of great benefits that all organisations can gain from. So, what really are the benefits of a multichannel approach for businesses like yours?

1. Communicate effectively with your audience

72% of consumers say they would rather connect with brands and businesses through multichannel.

This helps build the overall communication experience that you have with your varying audiences, as well as allow your organisation to gain a better understanding of your audience preferences. These preferences can be utilised throughout your communication strategy and help build audience profiles so that your communications can turn into valuable touchpoints, no matter the message.

2. Improve customer experience

The right multichannel communication software can consolidate your communications into a streamlined and improved customer experience. With communication automation and a blend of the right channels, all being delivered at the right time, with the right message, organisations like yours see a shift in audience engagement through a personalised, improved customer journey.

A positive customer experience remains vital for organisations and communication designed around your customers is at the core of this success.

3. Increase audience engagement

Since it’s costly to bring on new customers but also to retain them, you want to ensure all communication touchpoints deliver the right message at the right time. Multichannel communications allow you to achieve just that.

You are not limited to a time, location, date or channel. You can reach your audience on their daily commute, as they settle into their evening, whilst they are scrolling through social media or perhaps when they are opening their post. No matter if you are looking to target those at the awareness stage or the retention stage, multichannel offers a flexible approach for the complete end-to-end customer journey.

By targeting or connecting with your audience when it works best, as well as delivering specific content at these points, helps increase audience engagement and in turn, improves your customer satisfaction and loyalty of your audience.

4. Stay ahead of your competition

The best combinations of communication channels bring together all aspects of a business. From important documents to marketing, multichannel allows you to deliver everything you need, at the time you need. By doing this, your audience profiles expand and important relationships are built, helping your organisation stay ahead of your competitors through brand loyalty and positioning - and we know this is a key area for you!

Communications are the way you connect. The way you connect is how you stay ahead of your competition. 

Where to start your multichannel journey

You may now be thinking about who should you partner with to deliver meaningful multichannel connections so that you continue to grow your business.

Delivering communications you can count on, CFH Docmail is an industry-leading communication supplier working with over 40 years of experience supporting organisations to communicate with their end audiences. We help you communicate, everywhere, so that you hit the mark every time.

Offering leading hybrid technologies for printdigital and bespoke communication solutions, we help take your customers through a journey to turn your relationships into valuable connections so that your business strives now and into the future.

We’ll help you communicate in a way that helps deliver your communication goals, so why not speak to the team and get started today? We can be your partners for smarter communications.

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